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Week Two Run Three

I'm going to write this while my boyfriend's in the shower - I've just got back from a run and I desperately need one! I must smell awful!

Well, the last run of week two was quite tough but I still managed it. Around the halfway point it starts getting a bit easier and I feel like I can manage the 90 seconds with ease. I'm a bit apprehensive about week three but looking forward to it at the same time.

I think the reason that this run was tough was because I had some alcohol last night - I always feel it when I run the next day!

At the moment, I am absolutely amazed that it hasn't rained for any of my runs. I've been very lucky. The path that I run along is kind of set back from the road - it's a popular path with runners and cyclists so you have to be careful about people zooming up behind you. There are lots of dog walkers around too, which is nice because I love dogs. Also, runners are very friendly folk - lots of smiles and supportive nods. I think maybe it's because I'm scarlet in the face with sweat pouring off me! Quite an obvious beginner.

It's helpful to write these posts because I love talking about it so much. My boyfriend doesn't mind me raving about it - when I walked in just now he said I looked healthy and glowing which is sweet. I do feel a lot better and I'm sleeping a lot better too - I used to have an awful sleeping pattern. It's amazing how much I'm looking forward to each run. I can practically spring out of bed and straight out the door.

Well, until next time...

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Aaaahhh you have been well and truely bitten by the bug. Well done on your runs and keep up the good work. Sorry to say but I'm 9 weeks down the line and still very pink / red in the face by the middle of a run and it doesn't get any better either. :D


I graduated and still I'm red faced! :D

Lovely to hear other runners with the bug ;)


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