Couch to 5K

One more run left of C25K, what next?

Well thats the burning question! I loved the programme, but i dont know if i am too keen on increasing the length of time i can run for. A half hour is a nice good chunk. I just want to get better at it.

Since i started the programme i have gone down from 304lbs to 267lbs. I think its time to up my pace. The current pace is a steady but slow 7kmph on the jogging and 4.5kmph on the start up walk and 5kmph on the slow down walk. My last run though, for the last 90 seconds i decided to up my speed because i knew i was finishing soon. I upped it to 11.5kmph and could hold it for that last minute and a half of a thirty minute run.

This has me figuring. I should start couch 25k over from the beginning again but this time have my running segments at 9/10kmph. I know my recuperation periods dropped substantially during the intervals at my slower speeds, would my body respond as well to the higher speeds?

It would be amazing again, to discover that my body can adjust so quickly to the new strains put on it.

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what about restarting c25k but running on the running bits (like running for a bus) & jogging to recover in the walking bits?? sounds easy but in practice is very difficult to maintain.


I just kept doing week 9 for a few weeks, running 30 minutes, varied the route a bit but it bought time till I figured out what to do next!


So what did you figure out as your next move? I've been doing 30 min runs after graduation every other day and i feel as if i am still struggling


thanks both for the advice. I just dont want to become demotivated and undo what i have achieved in the last ten weeks.


Its probably more to do with your feelings as much as anything else. Some people need 'the program' in which case there are a few options from doing the 10k transition, or you could go back to the start and use it as 'intervals' alternating slower and faster running rather than walking and jogging. I was confident enough to drop the program reasonably fast and just started enjoying the running, doing different routes, distances, times, some cross country etc.

No right or wrong just an understanding of your own motivations.

What has kept you motivated so far and what was your reason for doing this in the first place?


I decided I wanted to change how I look and feel. I joined Slimming World and wanted to get some structured exercise, c25k seemed perfect, the sense of accomplishment after finishing week 1 was amazing and ten been able to do things that I never thought were possible. I mean, I ran for thirty mins straight!

In October the local half marathon run (the Cumbrian run) has a new relay class for a team of four each doing 5k. I would love to be able to do that, but importantly , do it quite well.

I think I could probably complete it within the next couple of weeks as I'm going, but at a slow shuffle. I want to nail it. I want to get as close as I can to that 10kph, that 30 min 5k.

The pounds have been melting off me which of course should help me with speed.

I am excited and keen to get out and hit week 1 again, now with some new trainers.

I really think I can manage week 1 with 10kph runs and intervals of walking and from there.....

A question. Will I lose the thirty minute endurance I have built up by reverting back to intervals, even if they are higher paced?


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