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So many posts on w6 r3!

It's like it's the epic run that we have all dreaded!

I completed this tonight and feel so good. It feels like every run after this should be easy...... ha!

I had a quick work out and I should be able to run 5k in about 40 mins with the pace that I go at the moment. I am happy with that. I remember in week 1 where I struggled to run 60 seconds, seems so long ago now.

Anyway enough of my rambling.

Keep up the good work everyone. We can ALL do this!!

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I'll be doing this run tomorrow and will make sure to report back.

Reading all the posts about it, I'm a little sceptical. But hey, I managed 20 minutes... The past run was hell, but when I manage to get through the first half, why not finish it while I'm on it? Giving up is not an option!

Good luck on week 7! Tell us if it really is easy! ;)


It felt like a big one, a turning point for me! Well done you :)


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