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Still can't run (dratted knee)!

Hi all,

Getting very "itchy and agitated" at not being able to get out there. Eight days since my half marathon. I keep seeing runners on the streets and that just makes it worse!

We went to Birmingham, Oxford and Abingdon over the weekend (had a concert to go to)...walked about 9 miles on Treasure Trails over the two days, wearing my hubby's strong velcro strapping and taking Ibuprofen as it began to ache after a few miles. The knee joint still feels quite unstable, but today for the first time I felt I could walk almost normally as long as I concentrated; still feels wobbly but not painful. However I have gained a couple of pounds this week from the lack of exercise so not a happy bunny!

I did 50 mins in the school fitness suite this evening, doing 15min on the rowing machine, (101 cals), burnt another 100 cals on the cross trainer, and another 100 cals on the exercise bike. Some stretches after. Very hot despite the aircon but felt better for it. I am giving the knee till the end of the week and if all ok, start with some easy 30-40 min runs next week. Will power is needed not to go back too early and make things worse!!


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That must be so frustrating. Hope the knee is OK by the end of the week so you can get back out there.


Hope your knee is better soon Carole.

It is impressive that you did all that walking so quickly after your fall, half marathon etc etc! You must be very fit.

Fingers crossed that you get out there again soon.


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