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Can't run due to knee pain - would a leisurely bike ride be a good idea?

I'm thinking about a short bike ride of ~7 miles on the flat tomorrow that would:

a) get me some exercise and

b) be a neat solution to getting back from the garage after dropping the car off.

Thing is I am currently 5 days into a 3 week rest from running to see if my knee get's better.

Currently I am not in pain, but the knee is still slightly tender and "crunchy".

Googling suggests that gentle cycling is not out of the question for chondromalacia so I'm 80% decided to do it, but thought I would consult the C25K hive mind for an opinion.


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cycling is great for knees because it ensures they are in the correct position and minimises the risk of twisting so go for it. I'm sure you plan to choose an easy route back from the garage and that you aren't going to stand up on the pedals! :)


Absolutely you can give cycling a try. It is excellent exercise. If your knees are still not happy on the bike, swimming is a choice often suggested by doctors and physiotherapists. It is a full-body, no impact workout, where you don't even have to support your own body weight, yet it is great exercise.


I can vouch for that- that's why I'm happierswimming!


As long as your saddle is high enough and you make sure you are spinning, rather than grinding it should not do you any harm!


Yep! sounds good to me! I have not run for about a month as my knees the right especially have been giving me hell!!

I have no injury (had a scan) but have some fluid which suggests a problem with the cartilage so have 6 sessions of physio and running again may be out of the question! :(

What a bummer as I have really loved it and got to week 9 run 2 but ... if it is going to ruin my knees and give such pain I think my body may be telling me to find something a bit more gentle.

I had my first session today and just had high frequency and was told how to massage it gently to clear the fluid and no exercise until that happens. Meanwhile if the fluid gets worse until next session (Thursday) I am to ice it.

I will keep you posted as the techniques may help others ... and of course it is nice to follow others progress.

Take care of those joints :) and good luck!


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