Couch to 5K

Week 2 - Running in my T shirt :)

I've just finished Week 2 run 1, and - breaking news - I was able to swap my North West England standard issue fleece for a t shirt today - hooray!

It is the first time it has been sunny on a run so far and blimey it gets quite warm running in the sun, doesn't it?! It was also blowing a gale which caught me unawares.My run is a 'square' around some fields, and I was lulled into a false sense of security as on the outward leg everything seemed normal. But, when I turned into the 'top' of the square (if you see what I mean?) all hell broke loose and it felt like gale force 10! The clues were there as they have just built two of those wind turbines in the next field so I should have expected it I suppose! It was so windy my earphones blew out and I was actually laughing out loud to myself - it's a good job there was no one around at the time, as what with the out of breath red face, mad windy hair, and crazy giggling, I must have looked like a bit of a loon!

My hip has been fine since run 2 last week. In fact, I went hill walking at the weekend (I am rubbish at it, but love the views) and climbed up a mountain of nearly 3000 ft. It's the first time my hip hasn't played up on a walk since I broke my ankle - not sure how 3 little "runny walks" may have helped, but I think they did? Today one of my calf muscles was hurting on the way round though. It's like "ache and pain" roulette! What will hurt next time? :) I suppose it's just my old out of shape body in shock. I've read a lot of posts on here though and it sounds like some stretches will help.

Anyway, thanks again for the support - hope everyone has a good week :)

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Good for you on starting week 2, and being able to enjoy some nice weather! Perhaps you can think of running into the wind as "resistance training". ;)


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