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Skipped weeks - bad or good?

Was due to start w7 today - but decided before run to go solo (no podcast) put 40 mins on treadmill and try 5 min warm up 30 min run and 5 min warmdown.

Little bit scared and feeling I was betraying the podcast with my own music, - set speed at 8.5kph after warm up and off I went.

Not saying it was easy - it was hard - but did it covered 5.6k inc warm up and warm down - ran whole 30 mins at 8.5kph - and I did it - beat it - and loved every minute of it!!

Now what tho - I'm gonna keep running 30 mins - but does this mean I don't graduate as not followed every week? I will update when complete 3rd 30 min run and hoping that will count!

Next aim is to get speed to 10kph and get the 5k in thirty mins - that may be a while!!!

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I had a run where I felt so good that instead of doing the 20 mins, I did 35 mins.

However, I know that increasing exercise by more than 10% a week puts us at a higher risk of injury so I have stuck to the programme since then. If I've felt good, I've kicked harder rather than running for longer.

I don't use the podcasts. I use the Zen Labs free app for my iPhone which allows me to use my own playlist.


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