Couch to 5K

6am run and feeling a little smug :)

Hi all,

Week 7 runner on C25K but first time blogger, I joined the group last week and have enjoyed reading about everyone's progress with the plan and afterwards.

I usually run in the evenings after work and one on the weekend. I have been dreading and looking forward to this week however in equal measure. I am doing a production all week which is something I really enjoy but leaves me with no time to run in the evenings. I thought if I didn't run I would have the perfect excuse not to but I just didn't want to get out of my routine I've spent 7 weeks building.

So I set my alarm for 5.45am and dragged myself out of bed, and did it, WK7 R2. Amazing myself that my legs seemed to be on autopilot! My brain was less in tune however and half of the run I was questioning how I was actually moving.

I was proud of myself for going for my run and then at work got my first 'have you lost some more weight' comment, so am feeling quite smug :)

fingers crossed I can manage the same again on Wednesday and Friday morning once the show is in full swing!

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Going out that early is really impressive! :-)


It actually makes me feel tired just thinking about running that early!

You should feel smug, it's well deserved :)


Woo hoo! After decades of saying I couldnt exercise in the mornings I too found I could get up at stupid o'clock if it meant fitting in my run, fantastic sense of achievement, well done! Hope production goes well.


Just got to manage it again tomorrow morning now! Opening night tonight so I suspect adrenaline will need to get me through the week of runs/work/show


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