Embarassing behaviours when running

#1 realising while pounding along with the Can-Can playing in the headphones that you're actually conducting it, to the great amusement of passing motorists. (Good running music though!)

#2 realising, not much later, that you're doing it AGAIN, this time to Johnny Got A Boom-Boom (ditto)

#3 not looking where you're going and running into a hedge. Ah well, at least it wasn't a hawthorn hedge.

But I did manage 6.73 Km in 42 mins 19secs. Map my Run tells me that is 9.5Km/hr and my trusty calculator tells me that equates to 63 mins for 10K. Really pleased about that because without consciously 'training' for 10K, just going out and doing slightly longer runs, I'm on the pace and only 3K short. Yay!!!!!! [Thinks back in amazement to starting C25K in January and running 1 min at a time; this programme is incredible]


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11 Replies

  • Sorry, maybe mine should be gross behaviours when running. I swallowed a fly then later I blew my first ever snot bubble (so ladylike). Thats my wk 7 highlights, wk 8 on Tuesday and I finally get to hear the full glory of Julie :)

  • haa haaaaaa, nearly did a snot bubble laughing!

  • That's so funny! Hope the hedge didn't hurt too much? :-)

  • No, only my dignity hurt (and I'm getting used to that!)

  • Hilarious! When can we expect a video? :-D

  • You wish!

  • Love it.

    Mine is that I find myself reacting to the music I have on whilst running. 'can You Feel It' (Michael Jackson)...yes I can Michael now shut up!

    'look at your watch now, you're still a super hot female' yeah right, i wish Gwen (Steffanni).

  • Or "I've really had enough of you and Julie" - absolutely!!!! LOL

  • No shame in being seen to enjoy yourself! Well done!

  • Mirella, with so many comments about Julie, I keep imagining everyone's expression when they first hear it...... manic laughter while running along and punching the air is so fetching, don't you think?? (I'll admit to singing along too, these days - though I'm now onto Green Day, which could get me arrested....). Enjoy!!!

  • So funny old ned... I got so excited tonight by one song I tripped (am very unco) and nearly fell off the treadmill... I felt like taking a bow ...

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