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Week 8 Run 2 and I reached my goal

Unbelievably, I achieved my target of running a full 5k a week early. It's a beautiful day here but it was pretty cool and not too windy so at 8am I set out on W8R2. Bit of cheerful encouragement from a neighbour which put me in a good mood.

Most of the run was absolutely fine. I start downhill, then have a flat section in the middle before an uphill climb at the end. Some of the climb is pretty mean and hardly something to look forward to but I've never quit on a run so I just grit my teeth and keep going.

All the way through I was getting 1km split times from Endomondo... 5m08s, 5m10s... By 3km I'd been running for 15m43s and I began to think that if I could keep the pace up I would cover a full 5k. Bit of an incentive and although at times it felt like I was barely moving when running uphill, it turned out that I barely lost any pace. So... I ran 5k in 27m02 seconds! And in the last minute, although, I was exhausted I got my total distance up to 5.22k.

To say I am delighted would not cover it :-). My goal was to be able to run 5k in 30 minutes. Now I have to set a new one. How about making 5k in all my remaining four runs? Or 5.5k in 30 minutes?

Cheers everyone. Blogging here is what's kept me motivated.


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Wow, wow what a fab run, that's an amazing achievement :) You are a whole 10 mins and a bit faster than me, I am slightly envious!!!

Good luck with the next goal!


That's fantastic Duncan!! Here's me showing off about running an extra two minutes... On the flat! Well done!! You smashed it!


That's great Duncan - many congratulations


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