Beat My Goal!

My goal since I started C25k in January has been to run a 5k in under 30 minutes. Last week I managed 30:04 so I was pretty confident it was achievable today. I thought I'd managed it in just over 29 minutes but it turns out I didn't.

My Park Run time for today is 28:55!

I'm really happy right now! Especially considering I had a painful stitch in my side for about a third of the course. So I'm hopeful if that doesn't happen again next week I might just manage a PB three weeks in a row!

There was a pace runner today who was running a 24 minute 5k, so I think I might make that my next goal. With a bit of luck I might be able to do that before the year is out.

I hope everyone else who ran a Park Run today had a good run. :)


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9 Replies

  • Congratulations! That's one of my goals too, although it is a fair way off at present (PB of 36:16 today!). I'm very nearly at another goal, though, which is to reach 50% on the age-banded stats - 49.91% today, so much closer than I thought. I like having achievable milestones to aim for, especially as I'm never going to be that far off the bottom of the parkrun results.

  • Thanks, well done to you too on your new PB!

    I agree, its good to have some concrete and measurable to aim for.

  • Congratulations and well done! Good to hear! I'm one run from Graduating and currently doing just shy of 4km in 30 minutes - so the 5km in 30 minutes seems an impossible dream! Great to hear about someone who has managed it! Gives me hope!

  • Thanks! You'll get there I'm sure, I don't think many people graduate being able to do 5k in 30 minutes.

  • That's a good time, well done.

  • Thank you!

  • Fantastic, nativestar! Really great to hear your PB news. I've just graduated and have set November as my date to get to 5k in 30 min. I'm quite slow now, but if I am diligent, I'm hoping to follow you. Did you use any particular technique, or just keep up thrice weekly runs of 30 min, pushing to go a little further each time? Or did you run regularly for 5 k and try to speed it up for a shorter time? Or something else quite magical, like training with embedded speed intervals? Thanks for sharing! Really super to reach a goal like this. Congratulations and bask a little while in your success!

  • Thank you!

    I don't think I have a magical technique but what I did was start a training programme for a 10k and also cross trained by cycling to work in between runs. The cycling is low impact and strengthens my legs and I found that by improving the distance I could run my speed on shorter runs naturally improved without any specific effort.

    If you don't want to increase your distance that much then I think speed intervals would probably be the best way of increasing speed but I'm no expert!

    Have you run a 5k yet or just done the week 9 30 minutes? If you're able to I'd definitely recommend trying to run a 5k, you might impress yourself with your time and even if it's not a great run at all at least you'll have a starting point to measure your improvements against.

  • Well, I cheated from the start and doubled each session by repeating the mp3 immediately. So I can run 60 minutes without a huge effort. But most wouldn't call it a "run", more like a very very slow jog. I've just got endomondo going to really measure it. First measured run was 45min for 5k. My legs feel strong enough and I do a lot of long walks on alternate days, long like 12-18k or more. But my breathing is not so great. I'll blame pneumonia 25 yrs ago, but let's just say I sound like a steam engine huffing and puffing away. Even with an asthma inhaler for seasonal allergies. All suggestions welcomed! And congratulations, again. Your success is a terrific inspiration for post-grad possibilities. Thanks.

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