Mini adventure

Hope your all doing well and are enjoying the weather!

I needed to go to the shop. As I only had one thing to pick up I decided I would run down. It was 1.66 miles. My crazy dog and I ran to the shop but It was a bit too warm and I worry about her in the heat so walked back. I live on top of a 3/4 mile steep hill. I walked to the halfway point of the hill and thought I'd try running the rest... I flew up it! Much faster than when I did C25K the first time around. I was really proud of myself! I will do it more often.

I'm back and forth the physio at the moment so won't start Bridge to 10K for a bit longer yet. My leg muscles are really delicate.

I'm still doing parkrun on a Saturday but find I'm not bothered about getting a PB just about getting to the finish line. Bonus... I've lost over a stone since I started in Feb!!! Ecstatic

Happy running all!


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  • Good for you! I know what you mean about the dog, they can run but only selectively. We take more care of them than we do ourselves!!! Quite right too

    I knew you would lose weight if you kept on running! You can't help it can you. I agree about running to the shops. Shops I once ruled out of bounds by virtue of distance are a breeze now.

    Happy running!

  • Thanks! You did say the weight would go. It is now! I'm getting to lose 1.5lb a wk regular.

    S X

  • How strange - I've never thought of a practical application for the running like actually going somewhere. Hmm .....thinks

  • I didn't for ages but when your car is in the garage.... Youll be amazed how much further you can go when you have to! x

  • I agree. Running to the shops is a new journey now. I usually run before work in the morning and often end up in the huge nearly empty Asda car park near home. Yesterday I needed something for myself so I packed some cash and a plastic carrier bag. Did my 5 mins warm down walking around the car park - with some funny looks from the staff. Went shopping and then walked home.

    Taking cash and carrying the shopping home also meant I didn't buy loads of things I didn't need.

  • It's handy! Why not use it! I also run when going to the Bank or Post Office! Besides I've been nervous of my local Tesco ever since a man drove into the side of my car! S X

  • Well done and especially for the hill work :)

  • Thanks! I was so pleased. The first time I did c25k I was super slow on the hill.

    S X

  • Shanks pony is my chosen mode of transport, but now I can run, it just means I can venture further but quicker. Morrisons and lidl are on the busiest stretch of road imageinable so I would never dream of taking the car to get there but now I can run there. Take a small back pack to stash the shopping and run home. It does stop me spending much as I can only get the bare essentials

  • And... avoid the traffic!!!! Free of traffic lights queues and parking!!!

    Perfect! S X

  • Well done. I love the idea of running to the shops. Think I'll definitely give it a go.

  • I run to the Bank and Post office too. It's just another way of getting stuff done!

    S X

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