Couch to 5K

bit surprised!

i was sure that the run I did yesterday was my week 2 run 1 but when i looked at blog posts and the running app it was my second. Not really sufre how I got confused about that haha, think I forgot what day we were on! So yesterday was w2r2 and was fine. I found that before I was breathing normally at the beginning of run and then having to adjust my breathing later on as I was getting more breathless. Yesterday I started my "adjusted" breathing from the beginning and I found it much much easier breath wise. It's hard to explain, I haven't really found my breathing hugely problematic so far (apart from the first very bad run!) but I do find that the better I breathe the less my legs protest, or at least so it feels. May be all in my head but it helped. So Monday will be the final run of week 2. Also, yesterday was the first run I haven't been rained on, it was sunny and fairly warm in fact. Nothing short of a miracle...having said that, I prefer the rain! Less people around and cooler to run in.

I am noticing that I feel generally fitter already. I dpon't get as breathless if I have to walk fast etc. I also just *feel* better. I don't feel so sluggish or lethargic and better all round which I'm really happy about

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That's a nice surprise! I understand what you mean about you're legs and breathing, it's often a big mental challenge!


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