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Week 9

Its been a week since I finished the 30 min run and I was a bit nervous about running today but I DID IT!!!!Did the full 30 mins. The first ten mins was tough but I ploughed through with Laurs's help. Will not be taking such a long break again but I am so delighted that I did today. So if anyone gets disillusioned about stopping and afraid to get back into it do not give up. This is the first thing that i have stuck to long term which gives me great hope in other aspects of my life.!!!!Need that new podcast though!

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well done :) i get nervous too if i've had a gap but by this point you've built up enough stamina that a week or so won't really put you back.


Well done that is brilliant!


Thank you. Feel great about it


A lot of this whole running thing is just learning about your body and what does and doesn't affect it, it always amazes me.

I can have a break and run brilliantly, run regularly and feel like a bag of spuds!

Still, another experience you have in the bag so next time maybe a break won't feel so troublesome? After a while you build up an armoury of these little battle scars and they help a heap.


Well said. A lot of my thinking before i ran today was that if I cant do it I ll be disappointed in myself. that made me do it more I think. Thanks for your comment. Very wise!!!!


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