Couch to 5K

Week 8 done and dusted - after a fashion

But the last run was just plain annoying! Picked a new route which turned out to be a bit of a mistake - busy narrow lane, with loads of drivers flying down it far too fast. Had to stop on the verge several times to let drivers past, but I tried to be good and paused the podcast every time. Unfortunately, when I was more than half-way through the run, I managed to press the wrong button the MP3 player, and it went from cheesy week 8 music to....... Ludwig van Beethoven???? How did he end up on my player?

Couldn't get back to C25K podcast where I'd left off, so had to guess where to start it again. I'd planned to run for a couple of minutes into the final walking section anyway, to make up for my repeated dives off the road to save myself and dogs from ending up as roadkill, and I certainly didn't do less than 28 minutes' running, so I count this as a valid run.

Most annoying of all, though, was that my first attempt at measuring my distance failed. I dug out my old pedometer and reprogrammed it for running, but the blasted thing didn't record a single step! Now if I can only get to grips with these online route planner thingies, I could use more up-to-date technology. If not, I'll just have to jump in the car and drive the distance I ran. But one thing is certain - I'll not be using that route again!

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Can't stop laughing at the Beethoven!

Excellent :)


That's a shame that you've had to dodge the cars - it's something I was worried about before a couple of my recent runs. The route took me down a semi-rural lane that gets used as a bit of a short cut and I fully expected to have to press myself into the hedgerow every time a car approached - I was amazed at how considerate they were and even more surprised that when I acknowledged their consideration with a wave, some of them waved back ! I actually look forward to running that bit again - it made me feel good about life and people :-) You need to find a nicer route - all those enforced pauses must make it really difficult to relax into a comfortable rhythm.

You reminded me of the Ludwig cartoon from the late seventies :-)

Well done !


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