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Week 7 completed, used new route for last run!!

Well I managed to do the last of week 7's runs this morning using my new route. I thought it would push me into going faster, didn't work! I kept on running after the 25 minutes to complete 4K which I had mapped, it took me 25:39 which if I could keep up that speed would give me something in the region of 33 minutes for 5K (hopefully) not too bad perhaps but its not as fast as I was running last year and I don't know why!!

The new route was hard, the start its gravel track which had water lying on parts of it after all the rain we have had, its not a hill as such up into the park but its an 'UP' for quite a long way which was very tiring so early in the run. I'm then onto tar and grass verge if I want the grass for a change (need to wait for dryer days though). Route levels off and its even got a bit of 'down' for quite a long time, bonus!!! Levels off again and stays pretty flat until the end. So all things considered its a good choice but the slog up into the park will take some more work. I'm thinking perhaps to slot in a loop first to get more warmed up would be better than to increase to 5K at the end.

Looking forward to week 8 now, having done C25K last year I know I should be able to do this but its still a challenge as is any recovery after injury etc.

Good luck everyone with their next run. If you've read all this thanks for taking the time.

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It will stop raining one day - won't it?! :-)

Keep up the good work!


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