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Week 6 Day 1 and I am a new man!

What an amazing six weeks it has been so far. Before starting with the podcasts the best I could manage was a minute or so of running before taking a walking break. I was rubbish at running. RUBBISH.

Three days ago I ran and ran and ran for 20 minutes at a fair clip. Didn't stop even once. And though I was dragging one foot in front of the other by the end, the feeling was magical.

Not only can I now run, but I've also lost weight, slimmed down a tiny bit and built up tremendous stamina. Also because of my running regime, the missus has begun to hit the gym too. And she is loving it.

Week 6 Run 1, though, has been the hardest run yet. It was much harder than the 20 minute-run. But on the upside I recovered almost immediately after the session. Which leads me to believe that a lot of the struggle is in the mind.

I've also slowly started making the transition to running outdoors instead of a treadmill. This helps me control pace better and is a little bit more exciting than looking at the back of some athletic automaton zipping away at 14kmph.

I've never felt as confident about my fitness as I do now. So much so that I've signed up to run/walk/totter/trudge/babble incoherently in the British 10K in July.

This truly has been a life-changing experience. I can't wait to run tomorrow.

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It's strange - a lot of people say that Wk 6 run 1 is a tough one, I know I found it difficult. I think after running for 20mins there is an expectation this one will be easy and people up the pace.....

Well done at getting this far - I expect we'll pretty soon be hearing that you've graduated and are training for your 10k!


wow, thanks for sharing your experiences. I too am doing the 10k in July and I can't wait for it! Have you any thoughts as to what kind of regime you will use after the c25k plan to build to the 10k mark?


That's great, I understand how you feel completely as we're at a similar stage, I'm doing W6R3 tomorrow and I'm starting to make the transition from the treadmill to outdoors as well.

Great this running lark isn't it! :)


I've also entered the British 10k in July looks fantastic! And also a 10k race through Friston Forrest at the end of June! Done the wk6r1 yesterday and even though I'd done the 20min run and read peoples reviews it still caught me off guard!! Good luck and see u at the finish line!


I've also entered the British 10k in July!!! We should have a C25K party :-)


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