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Struggling with ankle pain - week 1!


I've been on week 1 for 3 weeks now and still can't do it. So frustrated with myself I could scream. After the second running section i'm in agony with my outer ankles, it makes me unable to run so I end up walking most of it then running the last few parts in pain. I have proper running trainers. My dad seems to think its because I'm overweight and my ankles are weak. What can I do to help? I'll never get to 5k at this rate.

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Have you got a gait analysis done? Even if your trainers are running ones they might not be the right ones for your stride. I had pain on the outside of my ankles too, I think I tweaked a tendon. I rested it, used ice, didn't do anything for a few weeks and then went to a running shop and got my gait tested. Had to spend quite a bit on new shoes, but since then haven't had a problem. Perhaps a compression bandage might also help. I know it's dispiriting when you have just begun - but remember that a rest isn't defeat - rather something to do to help your body to heal and get you to the next stage!

Just keep at it, keep going, if you need to rest, rest, but if you do it is not failing. Failing is giving up. When you are rested get right back out there. In the mean time do things that aren't so tough on your ankles. Don't be so negative-YOU WILL DO 5K- it may not be this month but it WILL happen! If you have weak ankles can you try some stretching and yoga to help strengthen them? And check your running posture, are you landing on your heel? Try running on softer ground - concrete hurts me sometimes like a mother*!

Don't get frustrated with yourself - you have made the decision to get fit and you are working your absolute hardest to achieve that goal. That is something to be proud of!

Take Care, Good Luck and keep us posted.

Thanks guys! I am feeling a bit negative at the minute, I've been at it for three weeks and dieting and not lost any weight - bummer! Even though I'm hurting and struggling I am determined I feel a lot better inside. I'll try again on Sunday! Might get myself some ankle supports and try running on grass. xx

Dieting? What sort of foods you eating and are you counting calories? It is very tempting at the start of a diet to not eat enough calories to sustain exercise. Check your getting enough protein and carbs - if you are not it could increase the likelihood of pain if your body hasn't got enough raw materials to mend your muscles/ligaments (etc) with after a run.

I've been using MyFitnessPal for a week or so and it's really good to see what you are eating - and also there are thousands of people on there for motivation. It's free.

Hi! I have been using my fitness pal too. A normal day would normally be special K for breakfast, tuna sandwich on wholemeal bread for lunch with a muller light and packet of lighter choices tesco crisps. Then dinner would be chicken breast (flavoured with some herbs/spices) with rice and veg. Snacks include grapes and melon. I work full time so I can't really cut out anymore food - I get starving by mid afternoon. Not sure what else I can do. I've been doing week one of the couch to 5k for three weeks now and also done a yoga class last week and zumba class this week. xx

TheActualSarahGraduate in reply to fairysam

If you're getting hungry eat a bit more - daily calories should prob be around 1500? 1200 is a bit of a key trend but I don't think it's that sustainable, especially if you are working out. The jury is out on that one. There are a few good threads about working out calorific intake on MFP and different people who have tried different things - people who haven't been loosing any weight and have then increased calories, weight went up for a week and then they've been loosing ever since. Try what is right for you. Seriously though it isn't worth going hungry - just fill up on healthy things - salads and maybe a handful of mixed nuts (if your not allergic).

and like the others say, if you haven't already you could get your gait analysed.


HI, have you had your gait analysed? I would highly recommend it if you are suffering. I have a weak ankle from a sprain I got last year, but this does not cause me any pain whilst running, only when I stop.... I'm not sure why, but it only lasts 10 mins or so

I think my calories are between 1400 and 1600 on a bad day. I've been really good though. Maybe it's water retention or something? I will keep trying though and definitely keep doing couch to 5k. Going on a spa weekend this weekend so I will try doing it on a treadmill instead, see if that improves my ankle pain. I've already bought nike pegasus trainers, which are supposed to be good for all round runners. I might look into having my gait analysed too. Thanks for all your help!


Hi fairysam

Your 1400 calories a day is good for weight loss but you should not go lower. If you have a lot of extra weight why not join you can get a week free trial. I have lost over 2 stone on this web site and can highly recommend it for anyone wanting to lose weight.

Your jogging could well be your trainers, I agree, get your stride and gait checked at a good running shop, it will be well worth the money spent in the long run.

When I first started jogging I would have been well pleased that only my ankles ached cos I think every muscle in both my legs were painful, but I'm old and very stubborn and refused to give in.

This is my second journey through C25K I did it last year then ended up crippled with sciatica and could hardly move for 5 weeks or more. I'm back now and tomorrow do week 7 run 3 all being well.

So don't give up you can do this but seek advice for your footwear. Good luck.

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