Couch to 5K

Week 5 / Run 2 - halfway there

Ouch, that was a painful one. I think my brain is all mushy now from the willpower I had to put in to go to the end! The runs haven't felt this hard since the very first one, when I picked lampposts and streetsigns as my next "finish" points!

It took me a lot longer to find my steps this time and right after the first minute a part of my brain went "No, I don't want to do this today. It feels like hard work." Luckily another part (as it turned out the bigger one) replied: "Shut up and go! Now you are up and can get it done and over with! If you stop now, you'll regret it. Now run!"

Good thing I listened to this advice. Even if it felt harder, I managed to get through the runs fairly okay. Laura is right, this one was about mental and not physical strength!

Even though I wasn't exactly huffing and puffing after the runs (not more than normal) 20 minutes will be a tough one! But I'm halfway through the plan now. Why would I stop now? Exactly. I wouldn't. (Oh, look! Running made me a fighter! ;))

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Well done just look how far you have come and changed along the way.


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