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week 8 run 1

hi guys and gals

I,m here and this is the final week of my app (Zen labs ) as it only runs for 8 weeks and since i started and have followed this app which up to here the difference has been very small .

I know to graduate i need to do week 9 which will be three more 30 min runs which i intend to do , but i will follow the Zen labs app for this week . "I have started so i,ll finish " which is 2 x 28 min runs and 1 x 30 min run

The first 28 min run was not quite as hard as i was expecting to me it seems more a mental challenge than a physical one donnt get me wrong its still very hard but it seems more that my brain wants me to stop than my lungs or legs need me to stop.

The nearest thing i can relate it to is giving up smoking which i did many years ago having been a very heavy smoker and i had failed several times .

But the short version is that having gone without a smoke for 2/3 weeks i realized i had beaten the craving and all i needed to over come then was my brain which was telling me, well just the occasional smoke would not be a problem or just limit it to 5 a day what harm could that do, or even what if i just had a smoke after a meal .

Luckily the part of my brain that wanted to stop killing myself took control and said I have gone this far and the major cravings are getting far less frequent I do not really need to smoke and that was 24 years ago and never looked back.

which is as i said a lot like running for me my lungs and legs are reasonably ok but my brain says stop and have a little rest it will not matter or even if i fail this run i can do it again when i feel better, but bloody minded me takes over thus far and keeps on to the end so far so good

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So close now, keep doing what you are doing! Badge is round the corner😀


thanks Jacs-w the badge will be good but the end of this part of the journey will be greate


The badge signifies that bit of the journey so its great to have. Loads more bling to go for thereafter if you so wish👍🏼⭐️


I think i,ll treat this as i tell younger family members who have just passed their driving test you have reached the minimum level to drive on the road alone so now you learn how to drive

so the c25k is my running driving test reached the minimum required running time (as distance and speed should come with time )So from here will learn to run longer and may be further and possibly faster but speed is not as important as the other 2

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PS will also i think have to start to include some inclines (up), as where i live in South Wales there is no shortage of hills my usual run has been reasonably flattish.

My local 5k park run is quite close and is reasonably flat there is a slight up hill clime on the second half of the first circuit but that does mean there is a down hill to look forward to which im sure i will be grateful for on the third and last curcit


Switch your brain off. You don't need it for these runs. It's the thinking that causes problems 😃

Just do em 😎

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