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Running in the rain? Oh yeah!

I used to always look outside to see if it was sunny or raining to decide if I should run or not and if it was raining, I used that as an excuse to not run. Tonight, I didn't and I feel so much better for it, although next time I will wear a hat to keep the droplets and the drizzlettes out of my eyes. No more excuses. If I'm not in pain, I'm running. This was W8R2 and I ran the whole thing. I can't believe I ran for 28 minutes non-stop. At a few different times, I almost talked myself onto the ledge and started walking, but I pushed through. Looking forward to R3 on Friday. :)

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Great job! You deserve a huge pat on the back for tackling soggy weather, and running for 28 minutes straight.

I have had quite a few "wet" runs already, and learned a couple of things that help me.

#1 Double-layered socks. Feet still get wet, but no blisters.

#2 No fleece hoodie. The hood makes it tempting, but it gets so cold and sodden it seems to be more trouble than it is worth.

#3 Long sleeved tee under a light rain jacket. I have an anorak with a hood that is very light and water-resistant, but gets all clingy and cold on bare skin. I added a light long-sleeved tee under and stayed warm and dry the whole time. Plus the hood kept the rain out of my eyes. :)


Great tips Alaiyo. I never would have thought about double socks or the long sleeved shirt. How well does that work as the weather gets warmer and it's raining? Do you find that you overheat?


LOL! I have actually been waiting till it looks like rain to go running, I don't like getting too hot and we're in the country so it helps dampen down the pollen so I can actually breathe. I suppose it's one thing to start when it looks like rain, another to actually go out into a proper downpour. I love being outside when it rains, just not in a storm :)


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