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W8R2 - what is it with Wednesdays!?!

I'm beginning to hate Wednesdays! It is the day on which I do the second run of each week, and I'm struggling every time. I've blamed the late Tuesday nights in the past, but that wasn't an issue this week. It's probably all in my head - the first run of the week is a new challenge to look forward to, and the last one means I've reached my goal for the week. But the middle run is just there to be suffered.

On the positive side, I decided to take a different route today after reading warnings about sticking to the same route every time, in case someone with bad intentions is lurking. This is route I've walked in the past, and by golly, I never noticed there were so many hills on that stretch of road before! I amazed myself by running up each of them, albeit slowly, and finishing my run without stopping :-) Got much further than I expected, which made it an ideal almost circular route, with a shorter-than-normal hike home.

The change of route also meant that I was running much of it with the sun behind me, and was following my shadow - it really cheered me up because from that angle, I actually looked like a runner! :-D

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You look like a runner because you ARE a runner!

If your mid-week run seems hard, maybe you could re-frame it. Wednesday is your "easy" run. You already proved you could do it on Monday. You have no additional demands coming in the next run, as you do on Friday. It is the "fun run" where you can focus on how proud you are of yourself and how far you have come. Great job on 8 weeks. :)


I find the runners term 'easy' run difficult to get my head around! Is there ever an 'easy' run??


Don't forget that your legs are probably still tired after the new challenge of Monday. It's just one of those things! Good luck with finishing week 8 :)


Good points - I will try to reframe the way I think of Wednesdays, but I agree that I may find it tough because I've pushed myself on the Monday. Since starting the longer runs, my legs are certainly more tired on rest days, so have only just started to recover when I run again. After the hilly run yesterday, I'll probably select a more level route for Friday. Maybe alternating between hillier and flatter routes may be a good idea for a while. Once I graduate, I can then start upping the number of hilly runs I do as the next step in building on the C25K programme. I had been wondering what would happen after week 9 - I'll need achievable goals to keep up the running, especially once Laura's no longer there to help me along!


Ha how funny! I did my week one run 2 yesterday (wednesday) and I was slightly deflated, coz it hurt! But my husband said maybe I had over done it on monday and saturday should be easier, I am hoping because I am having 2 days rest it will be easier.... I hope!! At the moment week 9 seems a long way off!


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