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Running in the rain...me! What's going on? Wk1 Run 2 done :)

Can I just say, this forum is fantastic? I got home from a looooong day at work on a wet miserable Wednesday. There was nothing I thought I'd hate more than to go back out in the rain, having got totally soaked just running from the car. I got in and announced to the other half "I'm not going out in that - I'll do the run tomorrow!". But then after 10 minutes on the couch I logged on the here. The encouraging messages were fantastic, and reading about peoples sucesess really motivated me...to the extent that I just got back form my second run :)

Not only was it a miracle that I actually went out in the rain, but even more of a miracle was the fact that I actually quite enjoyed it! There was no one around apart from a few hardy dog walkers and I even managed to gasp a hello at them (in amongst the heavy breathing!!). There seemed to be loads of birds in the fields, and whenever I got to the running bits, I enjoyed looking around at the views to try and take my mind off things. I feel really happy now - what's all that about?

I got stitch at the halfway point which was a bit rubbish, but apart from that it felt good. I noticed the past two days the top of my legs have been aching which is wierd. I thought they would be OK as I walk for about 20-30 minutes a few days a week on my lunchbreak, but runing is obviously using some muscles which haven't had an outing for a while! Tonight my hip is hurting a bit. I'm a little bit worried, because I broke my ankle 2 years ago and it healed a bit wonky meaning I limp a bit someties. The hip thing is something that happens when I limp a lot - so I fear I may be developing a limpy run! I'll have to see how it goes.

Anyway - thanks again for all your support and being fab :)

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Well done you, going out in the rain. I've done it a few times but much prefer it to be dry as I leave the house. Don't mind so much if it starts when I'm out but the getting going in the rain can be hard.

Hope your hip reovers soon! :)


hmm happy rain runner... in week one, it's early, but not unheard of... Showing definite potential for running bug to take a strong hold... :)

You could probably benefit from some exercises/stretches that help with the hips?


Well done, still a bit of a fair weather runner (still can't call what I do running really heh) but glad to hear the enjoyment is there.

I was determined before coming to this forum but the people on here are just great, really encouraging and so positive.

If your really concerned its worth a quick Docs visit, the stretching could help also, worth a look too.


The running bug may have got you at a very early stage; running in the rain, now that's determination :)


Well done you for going out - having only had 2 "dry" runs since I started 3 weeks ago i think I have to admit I actually enjoy the rain more, it's much cooler and quite refreshing after a long day! Keep it up - whatever the weather! You're doing great :)


Thanks everyone for your encouragement. The hip was lots better in run 3 and isn't hurting at all tonight after the start of week 2. I did some hip twisting before hand which may have helped.


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