Couch to 5K

Freerunning again - this time with Nordic poles!!!!

I have had dodgy knees for a few weeks and these combined with a really atrocious cough caused my husband to throw a hissy fit when I said I was going out for a run last night. He just doesn't GET it!

So. we compromised on me going Nordic walking. Little did he know what I had planned....

Set off walking fast round the country lanes, then decided to go into the fields behind the church to have my bit of fun :)

Well, there was no-one around to see me making a fool of myself, the sun was shining on the yellow fields and the grass was flat. It was time to try this:

Keep going to the bounding bit.

Wow - was it hard work!! Managed to survive without falling flat on my face tripping over my poles but it certainly isn't as easy as they make it look!!!

Arrived home with a red face, mud up my legs and a guilty expression. Don't tell him will you??? :)

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He must be part kangaroo, surely?? ;-)


I had just wondered aloud to my OH about using my walking poles for running, would love a stride that long. Might just try it. :)


:) Looks like a fab work out.

Jealous that you say the sun was's been grey and horrible here all day :(


That is amazing, well done! I have been reading a book on Nordic walking so very grateful to see this video clip! I am so unco-ordinated I think I will stick to my fast walk and my slow run!


Nordic walking is good and really worth doing alongside running. It isn't that hard but you need basic tuition. Look at the Nordic walking uk web site..

The bounding is a bit strange and I have never seen anyone do it in the flesh. Only on you tube!


Ooh, that looks fun - I want to play!


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