Massive Milestone for me today..... Just wanted to share it with you x

Today I have reached a huge milestone in my life, I now have lost over half of my body weight. At my biggest I was depressed, had two beautiful young boys, but depressed non the less, hated myself for looking so awful and just ate myself into a overweight unhappy person.

My lovely husband has supported me the whole time during our marriage and at times I know he has wondered why we are still together, but we still are and now happier than ever.

I started on my journey to turn myself into a healthier person three years ago, just by asking myself If I really wanted that extra piece of bread, or that choccy bar (see my earlier blog) didnt join any slimming clubs (done that, been there, got the tee shirt) just focussed on asking myself if I really wanted to eat. Once I started to loose weight I found it spurred me on to loose more.)

Half way through I joined a local leisure centre gym with a friend and worked hard. My son wanted to play badminton and I found myself for the first time doing sports with my children, the first time afterwards made me cry.

Instead of strolling with the dog I marched with music in my ears and gave myself milestones. I am a 20 year fan of Take That and last year promised myself that I would get to the front at Wembley and get to touch lovely Robbie et al, which I did (We had to queue from 8 in the morning and had to run to get to the front!!!!)

Then 8 weeks ago found this forum, which has taken me to the next level of fitness. I love running, although it is hard, I am now not averse to challenges,

I love reading all your blogs and you have all helped me to achieve my goal. A huge Thank You to you all and Im going to spout those famous words- If I can do it anyone can. xxxx

P.S. Huge treat to myself- a bright yellow running top- I love it and wore it for the first time today because I am a runner!!!

Wk7 r3 on Sat!


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  • What a great blog, be so proud of yourself, you have achieved so much.

  • Loved reading your blog and feel so proud for you!

    You are a huge inspiration.

    I guess week 7 run 2 went well? Was thinking about you and keeping fingers crossed that it was a better run.

    Theresa x

  • Thank you for your comments. Yes run 2 went really well this morning, actually felt I could go longer this morning! That must be a good sign xx

  • Wow - they might be 'famous words' but fab to hear them applied personally. Well done you! This is so uplifting to read and will motivate many more, I'm sure :)

  • Thank you for your comments xx

  • What a great blog. It's a real inpiriation to us all.

  • Congratulations! This is so inspiring. Well done, x

  • Fantastic! Congratulations! That's amazing! Oh and Robbie touched my hand too - at Cardiff Millenium stadium (we queued from 9am)! X

  • wasnt it fantastic xx cant wait till next time!!!!

  • Fantastic, great news and well done for sticking to it so well.

    Thanks for sharing this, it gives me hope that I can do a similar thing, I have been overweight for the majority of my life and reading the real life stories on here makes me determined to lose it and be healthy.

  • Such a lovely post, well done! :)

  • lovely post, we've all got our doubts and troubles, smiling with you :)

  • How amazing are you?! I bet you love the high that being active brings and how much more you enjoy life, particularly running around with your kids. Again.. wow, not far to go now.

  • Very, very well done debssey. What a fab inspirational! I know what it is to lose weight, put it back, lose it, put it back.Finally you come to some sort of understanding with yourself!

    I can well imagine you crying playing badminton with your son. I remember crying when Laura told me I was a's an emotional journey as well as a physical one for all of us.

    It sounds like you have invested so much time and effort to get to where you are, not long to go now, then the B210K awaits you!


  • You are a real star Debssey, that's so great to read. you really shifted your emphasis to fitness and I hope you continue to enjoy all the benefits it is clearly bringing you. :-)

  • What an inspiring blog :) Hopefully I can put into practice your healthier attitude (asking if I actually really want that biscuit / bread etc) looking for the switch in my head (hope I find it soon)

  • Youve all given me a few tears tonight what a lovely lot of comments waiting for me when I came home from work. Thank you x now celebrating with an itsy bitsy glass of wine because tomorrow isn't a running day! You all get me don't you!

  • Incredible! Awesome!

    That was your pride I could see over the horizon then?

  • Fantastic, thanks for blogging, that is amazing, you should be very very proud xxxx

  • So wonderful and so right to blog for all to see - that is an AMAZING story!! And I am so with you on the not dieting thing - I wasn't overweight before I started dieting at age 14 and it still makes me furious!! You deserve all the good things that are coming your way, so enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!! (next up, that shiny graddie badge :-) )

  • Debssey not only are you a runner but you are an inspiration. :) :)

  • That is an amazing story Debssey - a massive well done for your amazing acchievements so far, although I have a feeling there will be more to come! You are one determined girl! thank you so much for sharing yur inspirational story....wear that new yellow running top with pride, 'cos you deserve it!! :D xx

  • well done you should be so proud

  • So many people would have looked at the task which faced you and dismissed it as too big for them. Your determination and your success is amazing. You deserve to be very proud of yourself indeed. xxx

  • Thank you so much everyone for your support and lovely words. Everyone is so positive on here and we all keep each other going. Thank you again x

  • Love this blog. Read it aloud to Mr Ramblings. You've every right to feel proud, thank you for sharing and inspiring us all.

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