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Week 2 Run 2 and 3 (missed an update last week)

Due to work and travel I wasnt able to get to W2R2 until Friday and was so happy to get back to it and even happier that I completed it.

As I was out and about in London Saturday night going to the Sci-Fi movie all nighter, I didnt get back home until late Sunday. With the weather being horrible I waited until today to get onto W2R3.

Its still tough going but happy that I could see the difference in my first run of the week compared to the third. Suprised when the timer was announced to stop running a few times and felt like I could have kept going for a bit longer.

I started to exercise in the first week of April, and this program in late April. Since then I have lost at least one and a half stone over this time. I think its more as I didnt have a good set of scales until halfway through April.

Had to go to the doctors for a rash on my leg and found out that I am at least 1 stone lighter at this point than July last year. This all got me a good job from the doctor and "keep going". This was nice to hear as previously all they have ever said is "You need to lose weight" :)

If in March you would have told me I would be doing this in May I would not have believed you.

Thanks to all of you here for the encouragement so far and I will be able to run 5k this year, I am determined.

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Well done and keep going, It's so fantastic when it feels easier, because it means you're getting fitter.


This year ? You'll more than likely be running 5k this summer !


Amazing, sound similar to me, good on you for getting out there and keep going

:-D I too felt like I could do a lil more at end of the runs... Felt good. :-D awesome.


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