Couch to 5K

Back again - Take 2

Hi C25K joggers, this is my second go at this program. I completed it in early December last year and was so pleased with myself. I kept on running 30 minutes 3 times a week through into January. Then woke one morning and could hardly move, doctor diagnosed sciatica (full blown!!) I was crippled for 5 weeks and in so much pain, I thought my days of jogging were over.

But I'm old and stubborn and started back to the program 6 weeks ago. I'm now on week 7 and enjoying it as much as the first time around. I am finding that I'm slower this time so at the moment I'm trying to speed up a bit. Yesterday when I was out I made a conscious effort to lengthen my stride, this has helped but I really felt my leg muscles this morning, so I must have put more into the run.

At the moment I would say I am a good way short of 5K in 30 minutes but hopefully the speed will come back.

I wish everyone of you good luck with this program, I hadn't run in over 30 years until last August and if I can do it so can you. I'll be 62 this year and I'm hoping to keep on going for many years yet.

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Well done you! It takes a lot to re do something when you know you've done it once before but you're doing it and you'll do great :)

Another inspiration to all us couch potatoes :)


Way to go Oldgirl (love the name!).. you get to enjoy it all over again. The best part is you know it works and the wonderful benefits so you've got the motivation already.


Thanks for replies. I'm pleased I found this site this week cos last year when I was doing C25K I had no where to write my achievements down and felt really quite lonely doing it. Once I got to week 9 we had temperatures of -6C and snow and ice to contend with. It was fun, I bought spikes, put on my older trainers and took to the forest tracks near where I live. Found I no longer was on my own, I ran with the robins, squirrels & roe deer. It was sheer bliss, would have loved to have shared my experiences with everyone at that time.


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