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Finished Week 7!

For some reason week 7 has been the hardest part of this programme for me - and this is my second shot at it (after returning from my sore ankle) - I can't believe that I have managed to make it through. I'm so pleased that I picked myself up after my enforced break and got back into it - and nearly where I was before I left off! I'm still confused as to why I seem slower than the first time I did it - I haven't managed to break 4km once, but I did run the 25 minutes with greater ease each time, so I'm hoping that the distance will come with more practice. Today I tried a new route - went out for a walk yesterday (brisk, of course, Laura!) and spotted a pretty bit of park by a road about 2km away, so I ran there and back. It was nice to try a new route - I tend to be quite predictable in the morning as I don't like having to run on busy roads, and there are a lot of residential areas near me that are ideal for poking around - but as I was running after work today I thought I would be a bit adventurous. I've been trying to not feel the fear of the evening run - I usually go out in the morning, but I don't want to simply not run on days when I have an early start. So, although it's much harder for me, it's nice to prove to myself that I can do it. Do other people find it good to switch your route/schedule around, or do you find it easier to stick with the plan when it is predictable?

5k race in less than 2 weeks, and even though I doubt I think I will still be building up to the 5k in 30 minutes by then I think I should be able to plod through the distance - what a fitting Wk9R3 it'll be if I manage it!

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I really enjoy a change of route although, having said that, the route I took today is definitely one to be repeated. I liked the predictability of the treadmill in the earlier weeks but with the 25-30minute runs, I found running outside maintained my interest more. New routes can lead to new sights - a heron in flight over a river was a magical moment. Running should be fun, not just about targets.


I have also found week seven the hardest so far, and repeated it, but I got to the end of it on Sunday and am due to start week 8 today. And I completely agree with sfb350 about the new routes and seeing interesting things - I saw a kingfisher on my last run!


Week 7 was hard. Even if you aren't up to 5k in 30 minutes, do go for the race and do the best you can. Then you can use that time to build on. This program is amazing, so stick with it and continue sharing your experience.


Thanks for all the comments. That heron sounds beautiful - I love that this programme has brought me outside and helped me appreciate the environment I live in more. Excited about beginning W8 tomorrow! And definitely coming round to feeling that time will really not matter for the 5k - as long as I get through it I will feel happy!


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