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Shin splints?

I have completed ask the runs to the end of week 6, although I had a week break between runs 2 and 3 of week 6. The only problem is I am starting to get some quite painful aches half way up my left shin.they are not constant buy come at odd moments. I am not sure if I should run through them and stop being a wimp, our are they a sign that I have asked too much of my unfit body too soon and souls rest for a short period then ease back in again.

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I've had a sore shin so read up on it. Get an ice pack on it. This helped me last night, still a bit tender this morning so will do some gentle stretching today with more ice when I put my feet up later. If its really sore you should rest it rather than run or you could end up with a longer recovery time


Thanks Henrietta, unfortunately I am a stubborn soul :-) and decided to ignore it and run. Didn't trouble me whilst running, but because I was concentrating on my shin for signs of pushing it too far my whole run suffered. Instead of 25 minutes solid I only managed 12 before having to slow to a walk for 3 minutes after which I could only pull another 6 minutes :-(

Think the shin will benefit from a couple of days rest and some gentle stretching as you suggest. Then I will probably redo week 6 to bring it back in gently.


if you havent had a treadmill/gait test then this may be why you are getting shin pain. the wrong shoes can cause all sorts of problems.

I get this from time to time & the best way for me was rest unfortunately.


I know that every time I write or say this someone says they haven't read anything about it shin pain is directly related to my hydration level.

Last year when I tried to run I was having shin issues each time I headed out. They even started when I was walking. So I bought new shoes and I still had issues. I ended up giving up but was determined so I started back again in March. New diet and constant hydration, every day I drink 60-80 ounces of water. No issues. Twice in my eight weeks, I went out for a run without being fully hydrated and suffered major shin pain.

I guess what I'm suggesting is that you look at your hydration level and see what happens. It worked for me. I'm interested to see if it works for anyone else.


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