Couch to 5K

W9R1 skipped a run by mistake

Got hubby to drive me just over 3 miles from home this morning ( bit annoyed when at 2 miles he said surely that was far enough) as I run out of ideas of loops from home so it was nice to start the run from somewhere different and comforting when I got nearer home.

Anyway, I was due to run my final W8 run but after messing about with the Nike gps during the walk warm up I had run 5 mins and Laura told me I had 25 more to run. Oh no I was on W9. Oh God was my first thought, then I quickly assessed the situation, I couldn't practically start it again I would have to run it. If I didn't and finished at 28 mins Laura wouldn't tell me how well I had done when I finished. So with great determination and moaning about hubby in my head at thinking I would only do 2 miles, I thought I would show him.

So I did it and ran the 30 mins, due to when my Nike told me I had run 4 k I knew I wasn't far off 5, but decided to stop at 30 mins as I want my first 5k to be within the allotted time. So I ran 4.96 k in 30 mins, so near. Swapped the settings to miles and it was 3.09, so there hubby.

Not sure what to do now as my legs are feeling it (though a 10.5 walk yesterday with the last 3 miles walking with wet feet after standing in a puddle literally up to my ankles probably hasnt helped). Do I still run 3 more W 9's then graduate or do I graduate after 2 more. Answers on a postcard please.

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2 more and you will be fine. You have proved you can do it.


4.96 in 30 minutes is a great time! I've not managed to beat 4.61 in30 minutes.

Well done!


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