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Hi, I've had the C25K on my mp3 since last November and it's only a few weeks ago that I actually plucked up the courage to start, what's

stopped me from attempting it before was a lack in confidence followed by huge amount of embarrassment,as I was so worried that people would look at me and laugh it made me shake with fear. Once I managed to talk myself into doing the 1st run of wk 1, I been able to convince myself that if people do look at me then it's because they wished that they had my confidence to try running. Keeping positive like that means I have just completed wk4 r2 and I am starting to feel more confident in myself and what I'm doing.

It hurts like hell but I did it.

I have so far done all my runs on flat ground and I would like to know is when is the best time to include hills? Any advice much appreciated

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I don't know if there is a right time exactly. When you feel ready is the right time. Little at a time though; don't crack straight up the side of Snowdon or anything :-D

It is usually one of those "nothing ventured nothing gained" moments, have a go, what's the worst? It might be a bit hard and you do a lighter hill the next time that's all. The only other outcome is you succeed!

No rush, there is no prizes but if you fancy giving it a go (and it sounds like you might be fancying it ??) then do.

I suspect we have all lived through those "they will all laugh at me moments" I figured that any one who sees you only sees you for that moment and have absolutely no idea that you are not infact just completing mile 63 of your ultra marathon training and that's why you are puffing :-)


I'm so pleased you kept going. I had the same worries as you and run in the evening when there are less people around. I hope to feel more confident as I become fitter. I am on week 7 run 2 but I find it tough and struggle on the slightest incline. All you can do is give it a go. I slow my pace down for going up slopes and have to allow time to recover with a gentle jog although I make sure I never stop completely. Well done and keep going!!!


If you're confidence wobbles at anytime just remember that people who should be embarrassed are the ones sitting on the couch. I was very self conscious and thought two men (ultra fit on bikes) were talking about me. They were. I overheard one saying to the other he wished his wife would get off her butt and run like me! Well done for keeping on going. Can't help with hills - live on the Somerset Levels and it is, well, level!


As long as they are not too steep or long, hills should be doable at any stage of the programme, I think. Where I live, it's difficult to avoid a couple of uphill stretches whichever direction I head off in so I've been doing them from the start. Just take them slow and steady. xxx


Cheers everybody for support and advice, I think I'm gonna to include some small inclines for the shorter runs to begin with and progress from there. It will defintley be a case of very slow and steady. :)


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