W1R2: Knowing your limits

So... did my second run yesterday, now it is officially a commitment. :)

It was treadmill again, not because of the weather this time, but when I thought about it, I'd rather have my first week in controlled environment and use the opportunity to get some extra confidence. My first run went very smoothly, managed to finish it without any pains or aches. I was listening to my body, trying to remain in slow but steady motion.

So for my second run I thought to slightly increase my running interval speed by 0.5 mph (up to 5.5). And what do you know, it was much harder this time so much so I could barely finish it. My knee started hurting, and generally it did not feel that great this time. It might be that kind of a day, food I ate or something else completely. Hate that treadmill, but it helped me understand my run better. Also it helps reduce the impact on my knee which is major concern for doing it in the park.

That would be huge step for me on another level as well, as being chubby for last 15 years or so made me self-conscious in a bad way; and I definitely don't want to look awkward mixed with other runners. But reading stories of people like me gave me that extra bit of confidence, so thanks all for that. Next week I hope I'll be ready, both physically and mentally, to take the fight outside. Wish me luck. :)


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8 Replies

  • Hello, congrats on the second run :)

    I have low self confidence (overweight) and i guess i looked like an idiot with W1D1 all sweaty and struggling with the minute. By the second run i decided to put on a cap, sunglasses on and not give a toss what others thought...and i completed the full week.

    I have just completed w2d2 early this morning.

    The benefits to running outside are not watching numbers on a treadmill (i am number watching later), fresh air and being in the park forces you to complete a run at your own speed.

    I am finding it best to run just after i wake up as the park is quiet and is not full of people on the path so i can have a clear run.

    Best of luck :D

  • You will take your running outside and you will forget that you ever worried about seen in public. I sound like a hypnotist! LOL

    Seriously though, you will forget your trepidation and soon you'll be out there without caring diddly squat about what folk MIGHT think. In truth they won't think anything at all, because strange as it may seem, they are not looking at you at all. If they do glance your way they will think that you are doing a great thing by being out there getting some exercise.

    As you run more you will see that out there there are folks of all shapes and sizes, running quite happily and not worrying about what people MIGHT be thinking. You can't worry about that. Life's too short and your health too important

    C25k is a brilliant programme and will get you running in no time. Just be patient and go steady. It's fun too! Good luck

  • Lol, wearing sunglasses on a rainy day won't look awkward Ayelet. But you're right, morning runs would be best, I just need to get into habit as I'm not a morning person.

    I will take my running outside, your hypnosis is working misswobble :) And of course health is much more important than what people would think, thanks for the reminder.

  • Dont worry about people looking at you. Its probably because they wish they had the get up and go to do it too. And remember at the end of it you are running for you and it doesnt matter what people think. Keep going.

  • 5.5 mph is quite fast for the first week (although apparently people are generally faster on a treadmill). Most of us are a lot slower at the beginning, so that may be why you struggled. The motto here is slow and steady, if you're having difficulty then slow down. Of course that's a lot easier outside. It really is fun out there! But well done for getting started👍

  • Wow look at you go! I don't think I've reached 5.5 mph yet! Take it easy now :) So glad it's officially a commitment, you won't regret it.

  • I will lose my breath whatever the pace. I can run 5mph for a minute or 3mph for minute and a half, so not much of a difference. Only comfortable pace for me is light walk. I love (slooow) hiking and do it regularly past few years, so I guess that helped.

  • Well done on your run! Don't worry about upping your speed yet, just make sure you get through the runs. I really hope you'll love running outside when you're ready. It's just lovely!

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