Ow! The W6R1 demon bit me!

Just whinging a bit. There I was all enthusiastic and filled with awestruck self belief after W5R3 and today's W6R1 went and undermined me...

I wasn't feeling brilliant having 'the trots' to start with, and had walked the dogs first (look on it as a warm-up,I told myself)...

How could I have run 20 mins last outing and find these three much shorter bursts so taxing? I did finish but not a second extra , and a LOT of mental swearing, sweating, beetroot-coloured shambling along like a wet pile of rags gasping for breath and alarmingly worrying about whether I would have to find somewhere to 'answer the call of nature'...

Argh. Confidence hit out of the ground for six.

And I just got my new shoes too!!!

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23 Replies

  • W6 is a toughie. W6 r1 got me too and it got a lot of other ppl as well judging by posts on here. You're doing great. Only one more set of intervals to go and you're onto the "long runs" as I call 'em! You're doing great! :-D

  • Thank you so much! I don't feel that I'm doing great at all at the mo and am now scared of the long runs. Darn it! Will try to soak up your reply and take it with me into positive dreams rather than listening to my head full of doubt and self condemnation... Argh. Argh! Will try smiling and repeating ' mimsickle says I'm doing great' ...

  • Haha ;-)

    Honestly don't let it get to you. I remember I really struggled with w6 r1, r2 was a little better, r3 was fine. The programme has prepared you for the long runs. You successfully completed w5 r3, so you are definitely capable. Just remember to take things slowly that's all. A run at a time and you will get there. I honestly think w6 r1 has been designed to be hard - it's building your fitness. And it's true, you are doing great, you finished it. Tell the gremlins to do one. Sometimes I mentally laugh at them on my runs, works a treat! ;-)

  • Happens to almost everyone. Happened to me. It's one of the most common subjects on here, after pace and worrying about doing 5k in the 30 minutes. Don't worry about it. W6R2 will be better, you'll see.

  • Thanks Rignold. It's encouraging to hear- I was scared of W5R3 and confident thereafter, so good to hear from you that it affects others (and you who have graduated!) and it can be overcome :)

  • One way of making it less traumatic is to do what I did, and do Week 5 often, first. I think it was Week 5 I did often. Any of them, repeated, seem to take the strain off what comes next for quite some time after.

    No, of course there's no need to do that! You're doing just fine.

  • Thanks GaryBart... I haven't repeated anything yet but you never know! I have today to get my head back in order then tomorrow I'll be back at it and I will try the next one...

  • Rest easy in the knowledge that you are not on your own - it killed all of us - get back out there - you willbe fine - we promise :) Those new shoes need a run. Did you get something nice?

  • W6R1 is renowned for being a pain.

    I don't know if it is over confidence from W5R3 or the bodies recovery or what but it happens to so many. It certainly is not a reflection of anything other than itself.

    You managed this one and the next one will be even better. Don't think of the upcoming runs as 'long runs', rather as runs without the inconvenience of those intervals.

    You did it before and enjoyed it, so it will be again. Good luck.

  • Thanks! I haven't quite got to the point of feeling that the intervals are inconvenience - more like they are opportunities to breathe sufficiently for the next bout of running- but maybe that will come next week...!

  • That week always bites, it's weird & unexpected but everyone seems to struggle. Maybe it is fatigue or feeling that the rhythm of the run is broken by going back to shorter sections again , who knows, but you 're not alone!

    Doesn't actually sound like you 're very well there, so maybe your body was telling you something too. Rest, recover & make sure you 're fully well for your next run, you can do this!! X

  • Good point MarlyParly. I was having an unfortunate morning all round- managed to lock myself out of the house in a deluge and my friends with spares were all out... I'm aiming to be there tomorrow morning though. Back on the horse and all that.... X

  • It's probably the week that comes up trumps with the highest number of "sniff sob I'm not a runner and the gremlins got me" posts here on the forum. I had a sneaky feeing that the guy who invented this thing spent a while trying to find the interval of walking that got the body just back to not wanting to run again, followed by a period of running that was just that bit too long for you to make it without screaming insults at yourself. Going back to intervals after the euphoria of a 20 minute non-stop run is hard for the body and for particularly the mind - but hang on in there, you're doing well and graduation is in sight. Remember the first few weeks? Compare that with now, smile, tie those gremlins and laces up and get back out there. You've got this.

  • Thank you Miami,it's! So encouraging to hear from a graduate that I'm not on my own with the gremlins ... I have today to reflect and regroup and will go out tomorrow no matter what ( she says, resolutely... )

  • The gremlins get us all. I'll be keeping an eye out for your next post. Get out there and whop its backside :)

  • That's exactly it, I think.

    The way I got through week 6 was to make the intervals a brisk a walk as possible. Even now I don't like stopping during a run as I'm immediately hit with lead legs otherwise.

    Week 6 works though-you rarely hear people complaining about week 7!

  • That is a good point - I would bet that W6D1 gets the highest percentage of complaints because it gets to so many of us!

  • R u my twin? I am sitting here about to put on my new running shoes and attempt w6d1! Thanks for the warning it might b more challenging than it looks. Once my husband goes to work I will slink off and pace myself through it LOL!

    Strange thing is even in my own town, there are lots of lonesome C25K'ers plodding away on the same week as U.S.

    You did it, hope day 2 is a little less challenging for u. Then we have day 3 - that will make us proper runners - go us!!


  • Almost everyone gets a nasty surprise with w6. It's the transition week between intervals and longer runs and, after the euphoria of the 20minute run in w5, it's a psychological nightmare. It's there to build strength and stamina, not just in your legs but in your head too. So don't worry, we've all been there and we've all hated it. Think of it as a rite of passage and refuse to be beaten xx

  • I was pre warned by everyone, so I paced myself, expecting a challenge and actually enjoyed a run for the very first time, thanks everyone xx

  • W6D1 gets everybody - and we all say exactly the same thing! Why am I having bother doing short runs when I ran for 20 minutes last time?

    Answer - the voices in your head! Last time they were telling you there was no point waiting for a break - you weren't getting one - this time, because you know there is one, you are waiting and waiting and waiting..........

    Its just weird but once you get to W6D2 you will be fine. Keep at it. :)

  • HI, I agree with everyone's excellent advice. I have just done WK 6 run 2, and it's much better. Just two intervals, and you are then onto the longer runs. Keep going your doing a great job.

  • Thanks susie_bourne, I am feeling a bit more positive after all the excellent support and advice- I will try and catch up with you tomorrow and put my Miss Positive head on :)

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