It's done! I'm a GRADUATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's done! I'm a GRADUATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did it! Last run completed, a total of 35.02 minutes covering 5.2k. Gutted it took me over the 30 minutes and as I am quite a competitive person, even with myself, my mood is soured by my own perceived 'failure' but I will try & focus on the positives.

So yes, little old me, a graduate of C25K. Am off to request my green badge of honour. Must get dog a treat too as he completed it with me too :D

So what has changed for me since C25K

1. I am more confident in the challenges I can take on - heck if I can run I can do anything.

2. My feet have become tools to run and are no longer manicured and nice - they are covered in blisters (both new & old), callauses and corns. Weirdly I am quite proud of these - Anyone feel the same as me?

3. My weight has increased even though my clothes still fit???

4. My most expensive shoes are no longer 'girly' shoes, my running shoes that are all muddy & stink and fit like a second skin are the shoes that are most loved now.

5. I love running, I love the endorphins it gives, I love the struggle of the first 10 minutes and the buzz of the final 60 seconds. I love the wind on my face and the sun and the rain. I love the ache of my muscles the day after. I love the way my body has changed - I'm even getting abs!! I love wearing skirts & dresses and showing off my new shapely pins :D. I actually just love running!!!!!!!!


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  • Inspired..... on wk4 and love your blog ... well done

  • Thank you :) And it will fly over for you, you will be on week 9 before you know it and we will be reading your graduation blog too :D

  • Superb! Congratulations.

  • Thank you :D I can't stop smiling!

  • I love your blog ! Well done - certainly not a failure. You should be proud :-)

    I know what you mean about the feet - I'm still waiting for my blackened toenail to fall off. I did paint them all to disguise it but didn't like not being able to see how it was progressing !!!

  • That sounds like me, bruises and blisters are now proof that I run - we should all be proud of our poor, tortured feet that get us through this :) lol!!

  • Fantastic, inspiring blog....well done on graduating! I am hoping to do so on Saturday.

  • Good luck for Saturday - I bet you can't wait to graduate and I bet you do fantastically well :D. The new pod casts are coming (soon???) so we have graduated just in time to start the next lot .... it never ends!! :D

  • Woohoo! Brilliant! Well done - at least you still got something left to aim for trying to get under 30mins! ;-)

  • Yup that's my next goal - the elusive 5k in 30 minutes. You will be graduating soon too won't you? I know your last blog said you were suffering from stitches so here's wishing a stitch free run for you, a graduation present of sorts *smiles* :-D. Good luck with graduation :-)

  • Woo!!! Congrats!!

  • Thank you - logged on early today to see if I had my green badge (sad I know and also am sad it's not on yet lol!!) and saw all these lovely messages so thanks for setting my day off on a happy, cheerful note :D

  • Well done and enjoy your shiny green badge when it arrives, bet you smiling!

  • I love my shiny, new green badge (thanks JR21!!!) and I'm grinning from ear to ear. All the runs, both bad & good, seem so worthwhile even more so now :D :D

  • Really well done. I enjoyed reading your blog - I have just attempted a pedicure (bowl of water and bubble bath, foot cream and polish) so made me smile!

  • Thank you :D I hope you enjoyed your pedicure, my feet are very jealous *smiles* lol!!

  • A great blog and congratulations!

  • Thank you but I'm not done yet .... :D I will keep reading other peoples blogs for inspiration & keep on running :D This forum has made me more determined to do better and it's lovely comments like this that help you through the minutes of each run you really want to stop :D

  • Congratulations!! C25K leads to some fantastic changes doesn't it :)

  • It certainly does - not only just running but mindset too. I actually look forward to exercise, I've been converted to the dark side.... lol!

  • Well done, a lovely graduation blog that really says how we feel about running. And, fantastic, your graduation badge is there! Congratulations, and now on to 10k?

  • I know, I know - I did a little dance when I saw my badge (shhh don't tell anyone!!) *smiles*. And you know it a couple of weeks ago if you'd suggested 10K I probably would have curled up in a ball and cried but now I'm thinking it's a serious possibility :o C25K is amazing!!

  • That's a great blog - and well done :)

  • Thank you - I am proud. And as a graduate too I bet you felt the same. We are all mini running legends even if we aren't getting Olympic gold medals *smiles*

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