My final long run before my HM, couldn't have gone better!

My final long run before my HM, couldn't have gone better!

So up until now my longest run in training for the GNR had got me up to 10miles which consisted of mainly running with a bit of walking and feeling pretty naff afterwards. Well my new Miss Garmin I'd treated myself to turned up yesterday, just before my long run of the week. Made sure she was fully charged, got myself a Garmin account and hoped my new gizmo would be simple enough to figure out. I don't know what happened but something just 'clicked'. I knocked a whole minute per mile off my pace, no walking (stopping to get fruit pastilles out of your back pocket doesn't count!) and ran for 12miles my longest ever! (And for once didn't feel too bad)

The stats: (as per the picture) 12 miles, 12:02 average pace per mile and total time 2:24:19

I've decided its time to taper and not jinx this, (on feedback from other runners and our very own misswobble!) just less than 3 weeks and I'll be pushing for HM distance, I only graduated 2 days before christmas last year. That's only 8 months ago, for anyone new starting this programme, be warned it could change your life!

Happy running folks, this week has been a real high :D


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23 Replies

  • That's great Sounds like you had really good run

  • After not bads awesome training session on Saturday and now this run, I'm am definitely on a runners high :D GNR here I come!

  • Oh well done you . that is brilliant ! Running throws up all sorts of surprises doesn't it ? Whod've thought it :-) xxx

  • It certainly does, just when you think you're never going to get better, BAM you have a fantastic run and smash all your previous records :) x

  • Well done you! Sometimes it all just works doesn't it?

    This is so good to see from a C25K runner. I started C25K in March and up to now I've ran 8 miles. I'm hoping to increase my long run 1 Km a week and run a training HM before Christmas at some point, at least that's the plan. Even though I've come so far I'm still can't quite imagine 12 miles, it's all about baby steps.

    I have to say I think you're right about stopping to extract fruit pastilles. I had to retrieve my iPod from my back pocket to skip a track on my last long run, I didn't want to stop so ended up bobbing along with both hands behind my back trying to get the iPod without losing my house key. I must have looked like a fish that had washed ashore!

  • Loved the 'fish that washed ashore!' Made me laugh. Kept checking for my key too every time I pulled one out, it'd be devistating to loose it on a run! I couldn't imagine 12 miles back in March when even getting to 4 miles felt like a real struggle! If your at 8 now I'm certain you can do a HM by Christmas, just listen to your body and it'll happen. I've been on the non plan plan ;) I've increased when I could, taken runs off for holidays, birthdays and niggles and here I am, you'd think I'd planned it all out :D

  • Sounds like a great run. I am in awe of anyone who can run for that kind of time.

    Hint for the keys - safety pin them inside your pocket so they can't get pulled out accidentally or fall through a hole that they might make. Doesn't stop me checking on them now and then, obviously ;)

  • Will hunt out a safety pin for my next run, that's a great tip! I'll probably still make sure it's definitely definitely still there too ;)

  • Well done LF! Great stats there. You'll be fine on your run. Just take your time. Oh, and remember to enjoy it!

    Have you found the virtual pacer on your Garmin? That's really useful!

  • I usually just run as fast or slow as I feel like doing on a day unless I'm doing intervals but I think this could be really handy for my sub 30min 5k challenge after the GNR, it can shout at me if I'm not running fast enough :D apparently the GNR is too busy to be a run you get a PB on so I'm hoping to get stuck behind someone doing a nice pace for me and follow them all the way to the finish ;)

  • Wow, you're doing great! Kudos for being able to run for that long, and a great time as well.

    Sounds like you're all set for the HM, and I think you're doing the right thing about now tapering so you get 101% ready. I so look forward to read all about the event.

    You're an inspiration. Go, go, go!!! :)

  • Thanks Tomas, still surprise myself I can run for that long!

  • It will come into its own for the 5 k challenge. It's for that reason I'm using it. I downloaded a training plan which tells me how quick to run intervals or the distance to run for a particular day, you just type it into the Garmin VP and away you go. It's a bit hard to see without specs mind you!

  • Thanks for the advice, I'm sure there are lots of things to do on Garmin connect if you know how. For 30 you think I'd be a dab hand at this sort of stuff, but no, alas I struggle!

  • Well done, you must be really pleased! Good luck in your half marathon:)

  • Thanks jaxmc64, still on a high! :D

  • Oh runners high! that makes me want to aim for one - the longest run I've done is 80 minutes - so to think you ran another hour on top of that is so impressive! I think it brings it home seeing it on your garmin (I have a purple one),

    So many people have got races planned - it's sooo exciting, hope all you're runs are happy ones;)

  • I can confirm not all my runs are happy ones but my last two have been ace! Long may it last! ;)

  • You set the VP on the watch itself LF. It's easy to do. I'm a right technophobe but I managed it. I read the instructions first, which helped. LOL

  • I don't have time for instructions ;)

  • Wow! What an amazing run... 12 miles! Just wow... well done! And what a pretty Garmin you have there! :)

  • Thanks Aussie!

  • You sound like my husband! LOL

    I couldn't have done it without reading the instructions cos it's not something you do is it. It was all completely new to me. It's easy now though, cos I know how to do it. Another skill learned! Ha ha

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