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Ups & downs of week one

I decided to start C25K when my 10 year old son declared, that he wanted to run the London Marathon, after seeing the runners coming home on the train.

I suggested we start with a fun run, so we are signing up for a 5k Fun Run in September.

We ran W1R1 on 27th April. Got 13 minutes in and a torrential rainstorm hit.

Finished the podcast, running on the spot in a rain shelter in the park!

For various reasons we didn't get out again until yesterday. Apart from a slight disagreement over the route, the run went well. We decided that the first attempt shouldn't count, so yesterday was W1R1.

Felt shattered all evening, but great today. Really energised.

I promised myself some decent running shoes, so headed into town for a gait analysis.

Great shop, helpful staff, but I couldn't find any comfortable shoes.

Came away very deflated!!

Oh well, W1R2 tomorrow in my old Tesco's trainers!

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Have you tried Runner's Need? So important to have proper shoes, at least for me and my flat feet. Good luck though! I just finished my W1R3 yesterday and excited for week 2, though a bit worried how will I do it? Never know until you try....


I'll try again in a bigger shop. Milton Keynes has a couple of recent size shops. Anyone have any recommendations?


The Sweatshop will sort you out there is one in Milton Keynes I think.


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