Week 6 run 3 I DID IT (and survived to tell the tale)!

OMG, cannot believe I am now"officially a runner". Lovely Laura, I have grown to love her x Six weeks ago I couldnt run upstairs without getting breathless and now I am running for 25 minutes, althought the last couple of minutes was more more like a stumble because my legs forgot how to work, but there you go I did it. Now lovely Saturday ahead in the full knowledge I can now run! (she says feeling slightly smug), although I haven't seen what is happening next week ! I'll leave that alone till Monday!! Thank you all I couldnt have done it without you xxxxxxxxx

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  • Well done, its a brilliant feeling, you should be proud x

  • Congratulations, that's fantastic! What a wonderful start to the weekend.

  • Very well done official runner, it's all just running madness from here onwards :)

  • Well done, I loved being told you are now a runner!

  • Thank you everyone, I'm still on a high and love being a "runner"!

  • Well done! Good luck with next week too :)

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