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Friday, yay! Intervals for me ;(

Hi all, Well Wednesday was a catastrophe, I did manage the 5k in 30 minutes I think ( my darling app on my phone decided to only record 14 secs) Anyway half way around I had a mis adventure....... I won't go into it as it really isn't breakfast reading!!! I finished the run feeling really crappy and p***ed off . I wasn't even going to run today as I was soooo annoyed but knew that if I didn't I'd feel even worse and punish myself! So today after dropping the boys at school I'm going to try intervals using podcast 1. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and I feel optimistic, so here goes....................:)

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Good luck! I've just come back from a disastorus run...only managed 18 mins!

You are doing fab...5k in 30 mins!!!!!! Get you. :)


Well done on the great time on Wed! :) After such a fast time, the next run is bound to suffer, especially with just one rest day. Last week I did the 5k in just under 32 mins, but I could barely move for 3 days and the next run was pitiful! :) Chin up, you're doing great by the sound of things! Enjoy the intervals!


Thanks. I did crap !!! I managed 25 minutes and just over 4K :( I felt sick because on the fast runs I really went for it and sprinted like a mad woman on something illegal!! Then I ran out of steam and missed out the last fast run. Also I forgot my water, more of an emotional crutch really I think . Anyway, I don't feel too bad about it cos I don't normally run at any speed so that was encouraging :)

Now for the weekend, I have calories to replace!! :)


Even a bad run is good it means your still trying! And listen to yourself: "25 minutes and just over 4K" like that's a bad thing! Think back to not too long ago when that would have seemed impossible. I think Chris is right you might need more rest in-between runs, 30 mins 5k is fantastic - I dream of that! Have a great weekend :)


Really? I still think I'm a crap runner, but maybe I'm not so bad :) Thanks so much. Still not losing any weight though :(

I intend to rest for the whole weekend, Might even have a tipple or two :)

Thanks for the encouragement have a good weekend x


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