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Last run before Sunday, now "tapering"!!

Ok, I am officially "tapering off". This was a strange term to me until Feb when I did the Fulfords five miles and OH said to me in the last week before that I must "taper off", which basically means keep training light for the last week before the event. Basically nothing too tiring but keep moving!

On Sunday I did 6.2miles, Tues I did 55mins in the gym but only did a mile on the treadmill to preserve my knees. I've just now got back from a 3.7mile run which was "meant" to comprise of 5 mins easy warm up, then 2min fast intervals interspersed with 1 min slow/easy jogs. Then a slow cool down. Well, I managed just 15 mins of the intervals before I had to relapse back to my standard "medium" pace.

I swear I have only two speeds, one is medium and the other is "trying a wee bit harder" lol. I still came back in the door dripping sweat, very mild and humid out there tonight.

Anyway, if you feel like donating to the charity I'm doing the half marathon for, it is and I have a fund raising tab along the top somewhere. This charity helps to rehome caged, barn and free range commercial hens...a very worthwhile cause, which you will know if you've ever seen what a commercial hen looks like after a week or two in a battery establishment. I have seven little rescue girls myself and they are the most rewarding pets.

Sorry, right off subject now! Anyway, as long as my body doesn't let me down I hope to get around in under 2 and a half hours, but it's a very, VERY hilly course and so what will be, will be!


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Good luck for Sunday. You've put the training in so try enjoy it! don't let the hills beat you :)

I've sponsored you on your facebook link xx


Thank you Mary, much appreciated, the comments as well as the funding!



Good luck Carole!

You're an inspiration to me in my running and I've sponsored you through your fundraising page but couldn't see where to put a comment (I'm DK) ;)


Hi Minuette,

No, I'm not sure where to put comments. I am also not sure how much I've totalled up yet but will check with them after the event and let everyone know!!

CaroleC. Thank you so much for your donation. x


All the best for Sunday, donation made :) xx


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