Couch to 5K

Finished week 6

No problems completing W6R3 last night. Which was a relief considering the agonies of 1&2! Breezed through it, really. No difficult moments and I'm fit enough now that I wasn't too out of breath or exhausted at the end. I even manage to push on for the last 60 seconds as suggested.

I started tracking my route as I left the house and the 5k notification came up after 31m 49s. Considering the first 5 minutes were at warm-up walk speed, I was really pleased at that - it means I'm running fast enough to make 5k in 30 minutes in three weeks' time. Which I am DETERMINED to do!

Week 7 starts Friday :-)

Happy running everyone.


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Well done! Really good time too!!

I'm just considering going out tonight instead of in the morning, I cant wait!


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