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First bad/failed run!

I had my first failed run this week W7R1 and felt awful. I got 5 minutes in and just stopped dead, my legs would do nothing, i didn't even walk the remaining 25 minutes. I spent the last 2 days mulling it over and realised that I hadn't actually run for nearly a week, I had completed a 10+ mile walk, had spent a weekend on real food and was moving back to my foodpacks (527 cals), in retrosepct a 25 minute run was simply too much for me to handle on top. I decided to go back to week 6 as another miserable failure would be so demotivating. I ran W6R1 this morning and it was wonderful. I remember the first time I ran it and it was awful but it was an absolute doddle this morning, when Laura said time to slow down I was shocked that it had come round so quickly. It has really given me my confidence back and taught me a lot about myself. Can't wait to check my stats with gary (the Garmin) tonight. Bring that 25 minutes :)

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Good on you for keeping such a positive attitude! It's amazing isn't it, how quickly the earlier runs start to seem so much easier :)


Well done you for not worrying too much about the 'blip' and coming back stronger. Everyone has awful runs now & again, but the fact that you bounced back and just got on with it is fab.

And I love, love, love that you've named your garmin Gary!


well done, sounds like a really good run and gary sounds good too! is it a garmin 110? considering getting one so glad of a review!


Thanks for all your comments. Gary is a 410 so has a heart monitor, wireless download and lots of other extra bits. On Amazon the 110 is £120 but the 410 is half price at £150, fortunately doh bought it for my birthday and was easy to convince him that the extra £30 was worth it. The link is to the comparison chart for the garmin range

I am a geek and do love to pur over the stats but I find it really motivating too (and I feel like a real runner with him on my wrist!)


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