Couch to 5K

Hooray ran 5k!

Finally went for it and did a 5k today for the first time! Took over 40 mins so not a great time, but felt comfortable and like a runner! Did have a bit of trouble with my calves though - went rock hard very quickly and kept hurting, but ran through the pain and eventually eased a bit! Have signed up for a 5k run and now confident I will be able to complete it! Happy day! x

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That's brilliant news! AND you've signed up for a 5k run! really impressive!

I nearly always stretch after the warm up walk and find that this does help with the calves.


Very impresses! Happy running.


It's still 5K, well done. Sort out the calf problem and you're time will improve. It's a brilliant feeling getting to the first 5K no matter what the time :)


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