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Hitting My Stride

Yesterday, I ran Week 3 Run 1, and I was nervous about running for 3 minutes, since I had completely collapsed after 90 seconds last week. I again took your great advice and walked up the big scary hill at the beginning (rather than running). And I ran at my super slow "slightly bouncy walk" pace.

And it worked! I know I could keep that up as long as I need to. I just need to resist the temptation to really "run" fast, and stay on my gentle stride. It was an awesome feeling. :)

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That's really great and you should be proud of yourself. I've found pace to be everything and in those first weeks the first run of each new week was actually slower as I took it slow. Run 2 was a bit quicker and run 3 the killer! Then run 1 of the next week was worth looking forward to as despite being longer it was at a slower pace!


I find that keeping a slower pace is essential to make sure that I complete a run properly. The key to these podcast runs is that you run for the allotted time, it doesn't matter how fast that is, just as long as you complete it. I've found that as time goes on I up my pace towards the end of the run if I have the energy to spare, if not then it doesn't matter, you can always build up speed after you've graduated :) Nothing beats that feeling of completing a session and completing it well. Well done.


Well done you!!! Another fan of a "slightly bouncy walk" here too!! :)


well done you !!

i'm just about to start week 3 - aahhh


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