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Week 9 run 3 done it!

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I started c25k back in July on the recommendation of a work friend and here I am graduated! Can't quite believe it and I have to say I didnt feel very energetic today. It always seems to take me at least 15 minutes to warm up plus I had lightweight jacket on as it felt cold. I've run just over two miles which is nowhere near 5K so it's more work to come!

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Go you! Well done!

Go get your graduate "badge". :-)

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Thank you!

Well done for getting there even with no energy! You still ran for 30 minutes and at least you have a goal to aim for after the programme. I am just about to start week 9 and won't run 5k in 30 minutes but to be able to run for 30 minutes is an amazing achievement considering I was a spluttering mess 10 weeks ago.go get your graduate badge! πŸ˜€


Brilliant ! Many Congratulations to you ! :-) xxx

Well done. You've just saved 5 km for later instead of gobbling up everything at once. In doing so, you've protected yourself from injury, so you can just keep going onward from here instead of taking time out for recovery. I suppose one way you could run until the 5 km comes up is for distance instead of duration? Pick a point slightly further along from your current end point, and run there, and then keep moving that point along. Maybe even keep your own private brick out there, that walks little by sensible, safe little toward the 5 km mark?

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Good idea Gary. I reckon I'm running at around 4 miles an hour. I could go for longer or try to speed up a bit or both! I have a plan to add a bit more to my normal route so I'll see how that goes. Thanks for all your support its been very encouraging.

Big congratulations!!!! It's such an accomplishment to finish! You must be so proud!

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Yeah, can hardly believe it's me out there running. Thanks for posting.


Great achievement to graduate, well done to you. In 30 minutes, only very few achieve 5K but once you can pace yourself for a 30 minute run, it is just a matter of adding time to reach that goal. I tried to b clever in week 7 and ran 5k twice that week. I did it but my body told me off and I got back on track with the plan so I could graduate. I ran 5k in 43 minutes. Maybe you could run 35 minutes for a week, then add on a few minutes each week until u get to 5K? Julie

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Thanks Julie, yes I could run for longer and I did exactly that in run 2. I managed another half a mile in the extra 7 minutes, so that seems to be the way to go for me.


Congratulations on graduating, wear that badge with pride! Don't worry I only run just under 2 miles in 28 minutes, my aim is to reach the 5k mark. Just remember what Laura says "steady pace"!


Woohoo! Well done!!!


Brilliant effort, well done !


Very well done, maybe make keeping going til 5k your next challenge, slow and steady tho.


Well done! It's such a sense of achievement isn't it! I'm nowhere near 5K either! Since graduating from couch to 5k last Thursday I repeated week 9 today just to see if I can still do it and I managed 3.8k in 30 minutes which was slightly better than last time. I'm going to try and work towards the 5k in however long it takes. I have felt a little lost not having a structured program to follow. I've looked at the Stepping Stone, Speed and Stamina podcasts but they sound a little ambitious at the moment, I'm already running as hard and fast as I can with 148 bpm so I'm not sure I'm ready for 155-160 bpm just yet! Good luck with moving on from C25K and it will be interesting to read how you go forward with your runs.


Thanks Susu, my thoughts exactly. Not ready for faster running yet!


Congratulations, welcome to the graduates lounge! I never thought I would really see that badge next to my name, it's a great feeling isn't it? A lot of people are dong about that distance at the end of week 9, Gary is right, you've saved some wonderful moments for the future! happy running x


Thank you I'm in some pretty good company here!

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