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W1 R1 last Friday. Still stiff, should I rest, or get moving again?

Ran W1 R1 last Friday with my 10 year old son. 13 minutes in, the heavens opened. Ended up completing the run in a rain shelter in the park, walking and jogging on the spot!

I have yet do do W1R2 due to bad weather, but I'm also still quite stiff.

Should I rest until it resolves or get moving as long as not injured?

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I am no expert, just speaking from my own personal experience, but I run W1 R1 last Tuesday and my quads ached right up until I did R2 on Thursday. However, after I did R2 my quads and other achy muscles felt so much better.


Probably you didn't get a chance to warm down after your first run and this has contributed to your aching. I find stretching gently really helps with aches and pains - somewhere in the blogs there are some posts about stretching, you could search for them by using tags? I know from the forum that people have found them very helpful.

My opinion, do some gentle stretching and go for the next run, trying to keep relaxed while you do it. Make sure you warm down afterwards. Good luck.


Gems and I started at the same time, as did my other half, and we all agreed that we were in agony up until run 2, but after that the aches seemed to mostly disappear. I would imagine that possibly jogging on the spot may not have entirey helped either as you are not fully stretching your legs as you would have if you'd been propelling yourself along the ground. I'd say go and give it a go, just take it easy and don't push too hard. And don't let the weather put you off - I absolutely loved my run in the rain and found it the easiest so far (hark at me - I'm only on w2 mind!!). I bought a running cap to keep my head dry and the rain out of my face (which would really have bugged me), and it worked a treat!

Keep at it - good luck! :)


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