W1 R1 done, yay! Day after soooooo stiff, boo!

Is this normal! I was so pleased with myself for having finally got off the sofa. Got the new trainers, had my gait assessed, all that stuff that everyone wisely recommends. Did it to the letter, was rather pink in the cheeks by the end but having got past the urge at 30secs to give up, I carried on and was quite pleased with myself. Perhaps with the grace of a plodding elephant but I did it. Is it usual to be sooooo stiff? I teach tai chi and do a bit of coastal rowing so wasn't quite this much stiffness. Will it get better?


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  • In the early weeks of running, most if not all people ache. I know I did - it felt like the front of my thighs had been beaten with a baseball bat! It goes away as your legs get used to it. I rarely ache after a run now, even longer or harder ones. Keep the faith!

    Oh, and well done you!

  • It's normal to ache after all you are asking your body to do something it's not used too

    It get better as you progress through the program. Just remember your rest days are important.

  • Yes, it will get better. Just don't overdo it . Take it easy, make sure you have a rest in between.

  • Quite normal for your muscles to protest! It's important to take your rest days between runs and also sensible to get into the habit of post run stretches which do help with the stiffness. There is a pinned post which takes you to some recommended stretches.

    Good luck - keep us posted on progress!

  • Ully, do you do those stretches as a warm up instead of the 5 minutes walk?

  • I would do a few stretches before leaving the house and definitely afterwards. That's what I do now; I started adding them proprobably half way through the programme, but if I had done them earlier I might have saved myself some aches.

  • Dagshar, do you do brisk walking as well? I am just wondering how to get into organised Parkrun. I drive there 5 or 6 minutes earlier, then Walk briskly for 5 minutes around the area, do a few stretches? And stop to run when they say: go?

  • Yes, I do a few stretches and then normally start with a warm up walk to the top of our road (i live at the bottom of our hill so most my routes start at the top). I have only done two park runs and have done aix of walking, stretches (easy to combine if you do some leg raises and bum kicks) and a bit of very light jogging.

  • No. I think the jury is out on the value of stretching cold muscles. I still do the brisk walk coupled with some dynamic stretches - hops, sideways skip etc.

  • So, if you go to a parkrun, you will walk briskly before the Teeoff? And try to match the end of walk with the starting of parkrun?

  • Very normal I'd say

    Just go very slowly. No rush!

  • Absolutely normal. Stretches after your runs help, and it will get much better after a few weeks.

  • I did W1R1 yesterday so am just pleased there's another newbie here lol

    I felt a bit stiff if I stopped moving during the day but I personally felt great though, pleased with myself and I got all sorts done around the house lol

    I hope tomorrow's go is a bit better. I've already had a heckle and it wasn't so bad so I feel a lot less self conscious about it already. :)

  • Good luck , it will go well I'm sure, you'll surprise yourself xx

  • Thanks everyone. I'll def try some warm down stretches. Won't be til next week though cus of work commitments. I'll aim for al full week 1 then, fingers crossed ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • Well I did about 4 plus hours a week in the gym normally ( mix of strength, aerobic work and Pilates) so I thought I was reasonably fit beforehand, but also was surprised by how stiff I was and how muscles ached during initial running .

    Different exercises, using different muscles to different extent.

    so in retrospect not so surprising.. But like any exercises as you go on, it does get better


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