I just ran 20 minutes without stopping!! Woohooooo!

I cannot believe it, and definitely wouldn't have believed it 4 weeks ago, but I did it! And it felt good!

I found regulating my breathing easier and now realise (after a high protein intake of midges) why it is best to breathe in through your nose! Tho I do sill find this hard?!

Anyhow, if, like I was, you are dreading any of the weeks /runs coming up, I urge you to just have faith in the programme! I literally have gone from zero exercise, binge drinking and fast food/takeaway diet to running 20 minutes non stop! Can't believe it!

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  • Congratulations :) Such a great feeling when you've nailed the 20 minutes!

  • Well done, good for you!

  • Congratulations, I'm still at 3 minutes, so it's great to hear it can be done.... here's hoping! x

  • well done :) what a fantastic achievement. bet you are grinning from ear to ear :)

  • Bravo!

  • That's brilliant to hear and so inspirational - good to know it can be done! Well done :)

  • Well done and keep it up! :)

  • Well done!

  • Well done. We both ran the same run today as i also have completed 20 min run. Its a great feeling :)

  • The only way is forward and you will be running 30 mins before you know it, well done.

  • Well done, it is a wonderful feeling!

  • Well done! Its a fab feeling isn't it!

  • Wow, I am also looking forward to that! But now I am not ready for that yet.

    Good to know that in the future it can happen!

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