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Publicity and the poll

Good morning runners and good luck to any of you running on this miserable day. I'm glad I sneaked a run in yesterday lunchtime (have been slacking during this time of ropey weather so quite pleased with myself).

I've seen quite a lot of posts from people saying the Couch to 5k programme such be publicised much more than it is because it is such a wonderful resource. We do as much as we can and the fact there's been more than 3 million downloads of the podcasts from iTunes shows the word is getting out. But we are always trying to think of ways we can publicise the programme.

The current poll on the site is one such way, as the results will make a neat little news story that we can try to get coverage for. So if you've not already answered, it would be really helpful if you take a minute to do so and leave a comment if you've found any other benefits from the programme. If we can get up to 200 responses that'll make the results more robust and marketable.

Also, if any of you would be willing to be a case study should the media come a calling, that would be fantastic.

Best wishes


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Left a comment after I did the poll xxx Thank you


I've not voted in the polls yet due to only being on W8 of the programme.

Will definitely add mine in at graduation.


I have left a message with the office for the Health and Social Awards, part of the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. Fingers crossed that they will ring back. The Department of Health were very helpful but found it difficult to cope with the idea that a member of the public might like to nominate a scheme! I think that we are just meant to recieve an 'initiative'! Hmm ... I think this forum is a bit more lively than that.

3 million downloads is amazing ... that is a news story in itself.

Most health promotion initiatives unfortunately are not very successful and not easily measurable - this is both. Money well spent by the NHS. Hurrah.


it is a fantastic scheme to help people help themselves to better health, fitness and diet. Thankyou so much to all the people involved in the project for giving us regular folks an approachable, non scary, gentle introduction to fitness, which, judging by my reaction and to most other on this forum, leads to a lifestyle and attitude shift as well as a massive boost in energy, self esteem and confidence.

I for one would be happy to take part in a case study article.


I'd be willing to be a case study, I think this is a wonderful programme, pretty much anyone can do it and the podcasts are just fantastic. Well done NHS :)


Hi John

Please see the the blog above yours from Malcy. In particular the end of it.

Leave it to you to take it forward :)


HI, would be willing to be a case study, the community needs to take some credit giving supportive environment for everyone taking part


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