Wk 6 run1 - By the icy canal

Wk 6 run1 - By the icy canal

I'd been feeling a bit down after the big 20 minute run, which I really hadn't expected. I didn't enjoy it much, and was wondering whether that's what running was going to be like from now on - and I wasn't sure I wanted to do it, if it wasn't enjoyable. (I know other people seem to cope with that, but wasn't sure I could.)

Thanks to the canal-runner oh here yesterday, I decided to do a waterside run instead of along roads. That was a really good idea. It was really quite pretty, and much easier to distract myself with something interesting to look at. The canal was mostly frozen over - moorhens looked quite funny running over the ice.

The only sticky bit was when I thought I'd done about 5 minutes, and Laura chirped up 'well done, you're halfway, you've done 2 1/2 minutes' - WHAT! Surely not. But after that it was all fine. The 8 minute run was much easier than the first 5, and the last 5 was ok too (and even though I'd planned to not to do any extra, and stick to the programme... I couldn't resist a few extra minutes on the end, and at a faster pace, just to see if I could. Naughty.

I kept the pace slow for the most part though, after listening to advice on here, and I think that's why it went ok. I did actually enjoy quite a lot of it, so am very pleased.

Oh, and Laura did do another 'land on your heels' bit today. So I ignored it again.

It's started snowing a bit now. Bets on for whether we get a snow day tomorrow. I rather doubt it though.


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  • That's a nice pic, it reminds me of where I used to live in London, albeit with less trees...

  • Fantastic, glad you had a more enjoyable run it really helps! Looks lovely and in the picture....

  • Keep going. It can only get better. Spring will soon be here and we will all be speeding along feeling fit as a fiddle and ten years younger... You are doing so well....

  • well done greenlegs - glad you enjoyed the run today - I have already been thinking through different routes and roads I can try, just to keep it interesting.

    I find (like most others on here I think) that the first bit is the worst - it must be something to do with your body (and mind) warming up - but once you are over that it becomes quite enjoyable and meditative. I also have to remind myself to 'relax' otherwise I find I am running with my shoulders up around my ears and tightening my legs muscles - once I do relax that also helps make it more enjoyable and comfortable :-)

  • Yey! So glad you enjoyed the canal! I'm meant to be going today but haven't dared look out the window yet to see what its like out there!