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Suggestions for a new poll

Hi there runners,

Have you got any ideas for a new poll to run on the site? We've asked which week you've found hardest (winner: week 5) since the community launched in early February and it's about time for something new.

You can make your suggestions in the polls area, or reply below or drop me a message if you've got any ideas.

Some thoughts I've had include whether people have lost weight, have you had to buy much running gear, do you run the same route every time or vary it, and which week's music is the best.

But the best polls will be the ones you're most interested in (and most interested in hearing what other people think).

I look forward to hearing your suggestions. Maybe the poll topic should be what to have a poll on ;-)


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Great idea to change the poll! Can we have more than one at once?

How about, "how influential on your lifestyle has Couch to 5k been"

The answers could be very/quite/ a bit/ not at all (see definitions below)

Very - this is part of a bigger picture, I am focussing on food and other lifestyle changes too (like quitting smoking)

Quite - I have new energy and motivation

A bit - it is making me more active

Not at all - this is just something I am doing, it's not having a ripple effect in other parts of my life

Just an idea - I am interested to hear where it falls in other people's life (for me it's very - joined weight watchers and lost 2+stone since Jan as well as graduating C25k!)



What benefits have you found during/after doing c25k... Which health benefits mean the most to you. What have family or friends commented on since you embarked on your c25k journey - as above. Health,benefits,drawbacks,likes/dislikes,difficulties, confidence boosting? where/what next?


How are you getting the GRADUATE box next to your names?


couchto5k.healthunlocked.co... see this post - you need to ask J2R1 nicely and he will give you one!


Thank you, I've asked for one now


Do you usually run outside, or on a treadmill, or a mixture of both :)


That's what I was thinking too.


I'd be interested in an age band:- under 20, 20-30, 30-40 or something like that.


How about finding out how far people could run in 30 mins when they graduated?

I bet there's not many that were covering 5K!

I'd hope some people were as slow as me!


who wants the NHS to do a podcast for Bridge to 10K, or perhaps a 10 mile follow-on plan?

having motivational input from Laura during the run made all the difference to me doing C25K :)


That would be brilliant. As you say, Laura's comments made a massive difference.


Indoors vs outdoors- what benefits or drawbacks of both

What about after graduation- what are folks plans? Build speed/ build distance or both? Plans to race formally or just run for fitness and relaxation


Thanks everyone. I've gone for one on the health benefits of Couch to 5k. Happy voting!



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